Forbes “Best in Travel” – Eight Underrated Destinations to Visit in 2020

by McNab Editorial Team
Copal Tree Lodge

With everyone rushing to announce the “best” places to visit in 2020, we’re looking at another list: underrated, off-the-beaten-path destinations where you can immerse yourself in nature or culture far from hordes of international tourists. That’s not to say these destinations aren’t known among in-the-know travelers and frequent fliers: they simply deserve much more credit than they get.

From charming, cosmopolitan cities to historic gems and untapped beaches, here are 10 underrated places you should visit in 2020—plus, where to stay and what to see.

copal tree lodge

Punta Gorda, Belize

Ambergris Caye may be Belize’s hot island getaway, but in the south of the country, Punta Gorda is a worthwhile and easily accessible paradise. The main draw here is the Copal Tree Lodge, a sustainable eco-hotel where 70% of the meat and produce consumed is sourced from the property’s 3,000 acres of farmland. The rainforest hilltop upon which the hotel sits dates back to the Maya period in 600 AD. Those looking for a relaxing vacation should lay back with a book in one of the balcony bathtubs and hammocks, while adventurers can sign up hiking tours of the Maya Mountains, kayaking on the Rio Grande, and organic rum tastings at its on-site distillery, Copalli Rum.

Video courtesy: Copal Tree Lodge
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