A 2020 Special Edition: The Gold Standard for Belize Travel

by McNab Editorial Team

Introducing CC+L’s “Tourism Health and Safety: The Gold Standard for Belize Travel”

The COVID-19 pandemic has added a new dimension to our age of global travel, demanding a comprehensive response. Since COVID-19 was declared a pandemic on March 11, 2020, border closures and travel restrictions have been implemented worldwide. Belize is working adamantly to prepare for reopening to travel and tourism, while building industry resilience. To safeguard visitor confidence and ensure safety for both residents and guests, its essential to establish enhanced health and safety protocols for tourism.

To meet these objectives, the destination’s primary marketing agency – the Belize Tourism Board (BTB) – has been working with industry partners to develop a core set of health and safety guidance for the travel industry to adapt. Widespread education of these new protocols is key to potential visitors feeling safe to travel to Belize again. Therefore, McNab Publishing Ltd. (MPL) will merge Caribbean Lifestyle’s Belize Gold Book (set to debut in June 2020) with Belize’s new Gold Safety Standards to create the Tourism Health and Safety: The Gold Standard for Belize Travel. Through collaboration with the BTB, this 2020 special edition magazine will feature travel industry guidance and safety policies for Belize alongside a comprehensive travel guide of crucial marketing collateral, advertorials, captivating photos, and more.

Publishing a 2020 Special Edition

By utilizing print and digital resources, both potential and arriving visitors will be able to access this very important information with ease. With this partnership, MPL will access BTB’s distribution outlets both locally and internationally. The magazine will also be made available at Belizean embassies and consulate offices abroad, plus international trade events once tourism travel reopens.

Additionally, this 2020 Special Edition of the Belize Gold Book will offer industry stakeholders an opportunity to participate by working directly with us at McNab Publishing Ltd. Responding effectively to COVID-19 is a shared responsibility dependent on community collaboration, and the Belize Tourism Board encourages stakeholders to take advantage of this marketing recovery opportunity, under significantly reduced prices to kickstart industry marketing. To get in touch with McNab Visual click here.

Learn more about this new publication, The Gold Standard for Belize Travel, and marketing opportunities at www.mcnabvisual.com or www.caribbeanlifestyle.com. Together, we will emerge stronger.

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