Turn Your Belize Vacation into an Unforgettable, Luxury Eco-Tourism Adventure  

by Larry Waight

When you make a list of the benefits of travel, you’re likely to include exotic food, gorgeous vistas, meeting fascinating people, and learning more about the cultures, traditions, and uniqueness of the people with whom you will interact. Happily, another dynamic is making its way to the top of wish lists for global nomads: ecotourism. It’s an ideal fit for adventurous souls who are enraptured by the thought of pairing the thrill of travel with the acquisition of enlightenment related to endangered, threatened, and disappearing landscapes and wildlife.

two beach chairs and hammock Hopkins beach Hamanasi

Hopkins beach. Photo courtesy Hamanasi guest Tyler Bates

With this enlightenment comes an awakening. Our precious planet is teetering on the edge of cataclysmic change that has the potential to alter if not obliterate some of the most gorgeous places on Earth and while Hector Ceballos-Lascurain is credited with having coined the term eco-tourism, this important mission has been adopted by people across the globe. Are you one of them? If so, you don’t have to travel to the ends of the earth to commit yourself to this. The U.S. is only a short airline flight north of Belize where every aspect of conservation is being prioritized by the nation’s government and non-profit organizations dedicated to saving this nation’s treasures for future generations. And one resort is doing eco-tourism like no other in Belize, and that’s Hopkins Village’s very own Hamanasi Adventure & Dive Resort

Where to go for the most idyllic eco-vacation

According to the International Ecotourism Society whose principles encompass the essence of this international movement, Hamanasi Adventure and Dive Resort is dedicated to delivering more than a traditional vacation. Guests find themselves learning important lessons about minimizing the physical, social, behavioral, and psychological impact on land and sea while understanding more about the indigenous people who built great cities before the impact of technology and progress began to wreak havoc on the planet.

Guests quickly understand why this lush property earned Top 25 Hotels in the World honors conferred by travelers who found at Hamanasi the ideal pairing of off-grid luxury and amenities. Geographically located on land that connects the Maya Mountain range to the Caribbean Sea, this lush property manages to be expansive and yet intimate due to the clever design and layout of this modern-day Eden.

Sojourn within a world of wonder

Guests can request accommodations that best fit their desire for authenticity. Beachfront rooms come with free lullabies delivered by waves washing up on the resort’s pristine beaches while treehouse rooms deliver an immersive experience that is a breathtaking opportunity to live amid the resort’s treetops. Furnishings, textiles, and art are reflections of Belize’s vast resources, yet modern conveniences include air conditioning – if residing in the trees or beside the ocean doesn’t convince you to keep your windows open!

The Hamanasi Great House invites guests to congregate, relax and enjoy the panoramic vistas that surround the resort and should you need anything, turn to the lobby, reception, gift shop, restaurant, library, or bar to find what you seek. Borrow a kayak or paddleboard if you love staying active. A freshwater infinity pool offers a respite from frolicking in the ocean, and guests find hammocks, beach chairs, and even cocktail service to be extras that turn even an eco-vacation into a bit of paradise.

Oh, the places you’ll go!

There’s no indication whether Dr. Seuss ever visited Hamanasi Adventure and Dive Resort, but it would have been the ideal getaway for the author who knew a thing or two about thrilling travel. The resort’s eco-adventure menu is breathtaking and includes on- and off-site experiences that have no equal. Imagine yourself diving Caribbean waters and meeting up with all manner of rainbow-colored fish, corals that have been in place since the planet was formed, or trekking through jungles and rainforests.


Expect to be greeted by loquacious parrots and monkeys, wild gardens of orchards, and stand before magnificent waterfalls tucked into hidden enclaves of natural splendor. Climb ancient Maya pyramids to behold remarkable architecture created by artisans and scholars who brought enlightenment, science, and learning to Belize’s earliest people.

How can you take advantage of all of this splendor?

The Hamanasi Adventure Center is your conduit to tours, guides, and assistance with anything you may need during your stay. If this is to be your first post-Covid getaway, you’ll want your health and safety concerns to come without a second thought, too. You’ll also get a peek at this paradise on Earth where guests find the ultimate relaxation and fun within Mother Nature’s favorite playground.

hopkins Emily Kaszton hamanasi

Still waters at Hamanasi Resort. Photo courtesy Hamanasi guest Emily Kaszton

While Hamanasi looks like a vast expanse of land, it’s the true definition of a curated boutique property where crowds consist of birds rather than people and you’ll increase your awareness of Earth’s precious treasures. Make your plans. Grab your camera and vacation duds. You’re about to take a Caribbean vacation that may be geographically close to home, but you’ll agree with repeat guests: It’s far from ordinary!

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All images courtesy of Hamanasi Adventure & Dive Resort

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