4 Unusual Belize Adventures To Get You Outside

by Gisselle Hernandez
che chem ha cave belize

Belize bordering both the Caribbean and Central America allows it to have a vast diversity in adventures unlike anywhere else. You don’t have to look very hard for unique experiences outside of cookie-cutter itineraries travelers are often used to. Home to the world’s second-largest barrier reef, only jaguar preserve, and an abundance of wildlife makes it easy to pepper in adventures that will get you off the couch and outside. Here are some of the unusual (i.e. underrated) excursions you should book on your next Belize vacation to get you into an adventure outside.

Black Hole Drop.

Want to prove your grit and tenacity? Take on this intense expedition to the center of the earth – well, not really, but it sure feels like it. The Actun Loch Tunich sinkhole in the Maya Mountains is more like a basin and plunges about 300 feet into the ground. Pegged “The Mother of all Caves,” the sinkhole requires a very vigorous hike to the top of a steep and slippery trail. From there, you’ll rappel down into the basin amongst the rainforest canopy. It may seem completely dark from above, but once you arrive at the bottom you’ll be plunged back into the light. The total descent is about 500 feet.

Che Chem Ha Cave.

Che Chem Ha Cave is one of the more hidden gems in the Cayo district. The area is actually considered a sacred Maya burial site with artifacts dating back thousands of years. Sitting about 16 miles from San Ignacio Town, the cave is at the end of a jungle trek along the Macal River near Vaca Falls. The name actually translates to mean “Cave of the Poisonwood Water” due to the chachem trees growing in the region. Once inside you’ll notice large pots and storage containers used by the ancient Maya. One of the more notable discoveries is the ceramic jars containing remnants of corn and other foodstuffs. The cathedral-like cavern in the final chamber awes many visitors and makes for beautiful scenery within. 

Crocodile Night Safari.

If you want a truly unique and unusual adventure coupled with adrenaline in Belize, reserve a Crocodile Night Safari in the Orange Walk District. Not only will you be getting up close and personal with baby crocodiles, but you’ll also be aiding in the conservation of the cute critters. Help the wildlife specialists by checking, measuring, and tagging the crocs aboard a boat on the New River. The trained American Crocodile Education Sanctuary guides allow for a fun yet educational excursion along the banks of the river.

Cockscomb Night Hike.


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The Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary is already a marvel to behold during the daytime, which makes exploring it at night even more adrenaline-inducing. The world’s only jaguar preserve sits in the Stann Creek District and is home to Belize’s exotic cats. The 128,000-acre jungle is surrounded by mountains, ideal for nature lovers and hiking enthusiasts. During the night hike, keep your eyes peeled for Belize’s national animal, the Baird’s Tapir. You may also come across red-eyed mammals such as coatis, kinkajous, or peccaries. If you’re a fan of creepy crawlies, your eyes are trained on the ground for scorpions, spiders, or snakes. At night, the rainforest truly comes alive in all shapes, forms, and chitterings. 

Header image of Che Chem Ha Cave by Duarte Dellarole Photography.

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