Heading To Belize This Summer? Here’s What We Recommend Packing

by Dion Vansen

Getting ready for that memorable trip to Belize is not only about where you will be staying and what activities you will book. One very important thing to know is what to pack. Our recommendation is to pack light and only bring the items you need most. But what to bring? How should you pack in order to avoid any inconveniences? To help you with that, we have put together a packing list to help you travel to the jewel as light and smoothly as possible. Packing for Belize is easy and on an average visit of one week, you’ll probably use less than what you’ve packed. And don’t worry if you forgot something, you can get it in Belize; there’s a handful of common brands readily available, including essentials always on hand like reef-safe sunscreen and insect repellent. 


belize airport roeming

Touchdown at PGIA. Image via Roeming Belize

Depending on your activities planned, two pieces of luggage are almost always enough: your checked suitcase and one personal item, which would be beneficial to have as a backpack. Your smaller piece of luggage, taken as a carry-on, should include your travel documents, money, or credit cards. Don’t forget your medication if you are on treatment as well as electronics such as phones, cameras, chargers, headphones, and other items you want to have close to you. Though it’s useful to keep a copy on you, Belize no longer requires your vaccination card to enter. In Belize, Visa and MasterCard are accepted everywhere.


Enjoying the Big Dock Bar. Image via Jaguar Reef Lodge

Belize is a tropical country that’s warm in the summer, so pack light and airy clothing. Choose to bring a couple of t-shirts, and if you will be spending time mostly on the coast and beaches, jeans may not be a good item to bring with you; you’ll likely only wear them on your flight. Instead, a couple of pairs of thin linen or cotton short pants and/or skirts are very ideal to enjoy the tropical surroundings. Don’t forget your swimsuit, flip-flops, a few pairs of socks, sunscreen, and a hat or baseball cap. Now, if you intend to spend some time in places like the rainforest, bring a pair of long trousers and water-resistant shoes if you plan to hike.  Also, during the summer months, Belize may experience periods of rain, so packing a lightweight raincoat will not hurt.  

It’s your personal choice whether or not to pack your face mask, as Belize dropped its national face mask mandate on April 1, 2022.


Comfortable shoes are a must for exploring. Besides flip-flops and sturdy hiking boots, if you plan to head to the rainforest to explore some ancient Maya sites, you should also bring a pair of comfortable walking shoes. In many towns across Belize, morning or evening walks are very popular and it is a good opportunity to know more about the area you are visiting and the people living there.

Recreational Gear


Sargeant Caye, Belize Barrier Reef

One of the popular water activities in Belize is snorkeling. If you are an adventurer and plan to snorkel daily, I recommend you bring your own personal snorkeling gear so you don’t need to spend additional money renting it. 

Packing Smart = Space For Souvenirs

Marie Sharp’s signature products. Image via Kevin Quischan Photography

Although you packed light, that does not mean you need to head back home with the same lightweight luggage. You have packed just the necessary items for your trip, which means that extra space in your luggage can be filled with some Belizean souvenirs. Whether it’s a couple of Belize t-shirts or other types of souvenirs, make sure you have that space in your luggage available so there is no need to purchase an additional bag or suitcase. Enjoy your time in Belize! 

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