Belize Hosts The World’s Biggest Game of Hide and Seek!

by McNab Editorial Team

“Ready or not here I come!”

The Belize Tourism Board is inviting you to play the world’s largest game of hide and seek. Five players will be chosen out of which 4 will hide and 1 will seek. Sounds simple enough, but the catch is that the playing field is the entire country of Belize!

The hiders will be in secret locations while the seeker gets clues and a Belizean guide to find them. With five days to find all four hiders, the players have enough time to enjoy everything Belize has to offer. Hiding away and seeking in this beautiful country sounds like the ultimate adventure! Taking place in November, this game made possible by the tourism board is an innovative approach to showcasing Belize’s stunning natural beauty! If you think an all-expense paid vacation is something you need then what are you waiting for!? Today is the last day to enter (October 8th)! You must be 18 years or older and a citizen of the United States to qualify.

Visit the website ( for details on how to enter.

Good Luck!

Written by CC+L editorial team

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