Ikooma – A Beauty Brand to Know in 2020

by McNab Editorial Team

Ikooma – A beauty brand to know in 2020

Photo Courtesy: Ikooma

A Belizean Original: 

Nowadays, young Belizean entrepreneurs are increasingly aware of the need for fostering eco-friendly sustainable enterprises. Ikooma Hair Products is a prime example of just such responsible marketing. It is a combo of two hair products made from high quality, sustainably farmed and hand-harvested Belizean seaweed, the main magic ingredient. Ikooma’s handcrafted, natural hair care products fortify hair follicles with rich minerals for lustrous, healthy curls, WITHOUT harsh chemicals. 

Double Duty: 

Additionally, Ikooma seaweed provides an alternative livelihood to fisherfolk and tourism stakeholders alike and also renders a vital nursery to juvenile marine life.  Another plus is that, in order to join in the global effort to reduce plastic, Ikooma asks customers to save product containers for return or refill. 

How it Started: 

Photo Courtesy: Ikooma

Ikooma’s creator, Jolie Pollard, is herself a “curly girl” living in a humid beach community (Placencia)Everyone knows that fighting frizz is a constant struggle in this climate.  The name Ikooma is derived from the scientific name for seaweed: Echeuma Isiforme, which is the seaweed variety expertly farmed near her home. Ikooma is her way of Kriolizingthe name to make it easier to remember.  This talented young entrepreneur began her journey during a results-driven quest to find the right products for her own naturally curly hair. 

Jolie wanted a non-chemical product that would keep working beyond 12 to 24 hours in Belize’s humidity and during her backpacking adventures in Central America.  After several kitchen experiments, she discovered that seaweed was the missing ingredientHer grandfather, musician and well-loved Belizean personality, Cleveland Berry, used to be popular in Placencia for his “Seaweed Punch, a brandy spiked milkshake that snuck in all those rich antioxidants and minerals for optimal health. This led her to create her own hair shake, happy to share this potent gift from the sea. 

How it Works: 

Ikooma truly transforms hair, and with continued use, you will forget your hair woes.  So far, users have been raving about the results.  It is a simple system, basically two products.  The 4oz. jar of Curl Cream, light, and non-greasy that hydrates thirsty curls to impart shine and light hold. It’s versatile since it acts as a curl primer, detangler, and conditioning treatment. It may be used for twists and braids and adds luster to all types of hair.  The second product is the 8-oz. bottle of Seaweed Moisturizing and Curl Defining Gel.  As the name implies, this gel also adds moisture, but also adds definition and hold to curls. Use it alone for maximum hold, and it will not flake.  The combo strengthens the hair follicles with minerals and makes it less prone to breakage. 


Jolie won a Commonwealth Marine Litter Innovation Award, and the opportunity to travel to London next March for her efforts to reduce plastic litter. Eventually, she hopes to use completely bio-degradable containers.   Jolie hopes to expand her product line and take her place in the global efforts to reduce waste as a young environmentally pro-active entrepreneur. 

Bravo to Jolie for her innovative spirit. She has set a brilliant example, and no doubt the future will only be bright for her. 

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Written by Nelita Castillo

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