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by McNab Editorial Team
goffs caye

“A Desert Island” 

offs caye

Most everyone knows Belize is famous for the Barrier Reef and Blue Hole.  What they may not know is that the proximity of the Reef gives way to some fabulous, pristine atolls that are still untouched and uninhabited.  Goff’s Caye, in particular, is iconic—famous for decades for its talcum powder sands and healthy marine system, replete with a coral reef and a foraging area for sea turtles; and only 30 minutes away by launch. 

Where is it? 

Off Belize City, there is a waterway, known locally as The English Channel.  Goff’s Caye is on the north side of this channel. At only 1.2 acres, it is small and looks like a picture-perfect postcard.  You can walk around or sunbathe as if it’s your own private island. 

Best Time to Go: 

The weather in Belize is warm and mostly sunny all year round and the cayes usually enjoy a cooling breeze.  Bear in mind, however, that from June to November, there are intermittent squalls and storms. 

The Experience: 

Goff’s Caye is strictly for snorkeling, diving, and of course, swimming and relaxing. The beach is completely private, ideal for getting a suntan and taking a cooling dip.  You will marvel that the reef is right there at your fingertips, crystal clear water, teeming with sea life. You will have to take your own picnic, since food options are limited, only sodas and snacks.  But since a day trip is the most feasible, it shouldn’t be a deterrent. Snorkeling and Diving gear is available from outfitters, but you can bring your own equipment. 

Getting There: 

You must go by boat.  There is no regular water taxi service, but many domestic charter and tour companies offer transportation to and from Goff’s Caye.  It takes only 20-30 minutes. 

If you prefer privacy, away from the crowds—come to Goff’s Caye and experience your own private slice of paradise. 

Written by: Nelita Castillo

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