Jaguarundi Shores: A New Belize Resort Focusing on Holistic Wellness 

by Gisselle Hernandez

A new resort has sprung up in the quiet region of Northern Belize, their ethos painting a picture of health and wellness. Jaguarundi Shores, located in the Corozal District, is not the first resort in Belize to impart a holistic way of being. But Jaguarundi isn’t simply hopping on a wellness trend that seems to have the travel industry in a vice. The hotel was in fact founded – and is run – by an experienced licensed therapist from Texas. And how did this therapist find his way to the lightly trafficked region of Northern Belize? Like thousands before him, he visited Belize and fell in love. Instead of returning home with souvenirs and memories, Mickey Power and his wife decided to create Jaguarundi Shores for people who need the Belize escape. 

More than a vacation 

Jaguarundi’s story began in March of 2020 when the world tipped on its axis in response to a pandemic. Since then, Power and his wife have worked to provide more than just a vac\ation to their guests. With a focus on therapy and wellness, the resort offers retreats centered on recovery and therapeutic living. 

“I realized I could actually do a lot of the things that I try to do in therapy with imagery and creating feelings in therapy,” Power said. “But actually do it in real life here in Belize.” 

The Powers decided on Northern Belize specifically because of its laid-back vibe. Whereas most regenerative resorts park in places such as Ambergris Caye, Power wanted something different than the ubiquitous San Pedro. The resort currently offers a variety of retreats, including one for couples and one solely for women. Unlike normal tropical vacations, the retreat packages at Jaguarundi include therapy along with meals, accommodations, and transport. 

“What we’re really trying to do is make something really authentic,” Power said, citing his decade-old experience in therapy and how research is at the basis of their practice.

Same Perks, New Experiences 

When staying at Jaguarundi Shores, you’ll still be able to enjoy all the stunning attractions and wonderful excursions Belize is known for. This is the advantage of doing therapy in a tropical paradise. The resort offers exclusive tours to their guests, all while providing enriching experiences at the resort to help them in their wellness journey. In fact, Power hopes to tie in each excursion back to therapy. The kicker is creating a thriving – and exciting – environment for those seeking recovery and healing. 

“As humans, we have to be taken out of the environments we’re in before we can get some kind of illumination in our mind of other options of engaging in life.” 

Power and his wife hope to create an authentic and pure experience that in the end, helps their guests be the best version of themselves. It’s all about letting go of stress while receiving treatment in a safe environment. What makes the stay different than most, is the focus on individualized experiences. 


“We take pride in creating an experience specifically for each person and if needs change during your stay we’re happy to adjust any of those needs,” Power said. “I think that now people are wanting a vacation that has a purpose. So that’s where we’re going.” 

All images via Jaguarundi Shores.

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