A Very Ka’ana Thanksgiving: Guest Chef Jake Denburg brings 4-Course Feast to Belize

by Carolee Chanona

Traditionally, Thanksgiving means a time to gather with family—typically from home. You spend all day cooking the turkey, baking off pies, and watching football before indulging with tired feet. But why not let someone else do the work this year instead? How does an award-winning international chef sound? From one of the best and most celebrated chefs in all of Central America, at that. Whether you’re a snowbird getting a jump start on the season or you simply want to enjoy Thanksgiving in sunny surroundings, Ka’ana Belize is curating a Thanksgiving package and menu to match with the renowned Chef Jake Denburg that will have you savoring each bite.


You can still celebrate all that’s treasured about Thanksgiving this year but from a luxurious destination like Ka’ana Belize.

Savoring The Holidays in Belize

dine3-kaana-belize-dinner-feastFitting for lodgings this lush near the Belize/Guatemala border, Ka’ana Resort welcomes Chef Jake Denburg of Guatemala to host a Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday, November 25.

With more than 40 years of experience in the international gastronomic field, guests can expect a spin on classics with Chef Jake’s roasted turkey withkaana-belize-thanksgiving-chef-jake-dinner

porcini pan gravy, cornbread stuffing with caramelized apple, and Italian sausage, plus pumpkin panna cotta. Make your reservation now, from $80 BZD/person.

With travel—and dining out—carefully but surely making a comeback, take this as your sign to make Thanksgiving a long weekend to remember—one filled with hardy, gourmet fixings that will make reconnecting with loved ones feel extra special. The peaceful, dense greenery of Western Belize’s Cayo District is particularly conducive to a holiday centered around appreciation and giving thanks. And at the beautiful Ka’ana Resort, a Small Luxury Hotels of the World, Thanksgiving-themed offerings are just the right mix of wellness and indulgence. On the itinerary: sunrise yoga, perhaps their signature Maya Abdominal Massage, an adventure to Big Rock Waterfalls, and Chef Jake’s 4-course Thanksgiving feast with fabulous company.

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Header image, and all other photos not captioned, courtesy of Ka’ana Resort. 

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