Matachica Resort & Spa Curate Three Belize Bubble Holidays

by Vivian Roe
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A beachfront villa, remote location, al fresco dining and on-site activities make this boutique resort a tempting escape at the best of times. But now, more than ever, this Belize resort is perfectly placed to offer the kind of self-contained travel suited to the current age. In an attempt to promote responsible travel, Matachica Resort & Spa have launched their three bubble holiday packages. This approach to travel is not only sensible in a time of global pandemic, but commendable too. Whilst it allows group travel, it does so responsibly. Here is all you need to know about bubble holidays at Matachica Resort & Spa.

A Beachfront Resort, Private by Nature

This Ambergris Caye hotel is one of the few resorts in Belize providing an adults-only experience. Also, it is ranked as the top 10 resorts in Central America. The 30 vibrantly colored individual casitas and villas, are just steps away from the sea and the world’s second-largest barrier reef.

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Indeed, each offers guests the utmost privacy with a personal patio and hammock. Furthermore, the resort boasts all you need so you will never want to leave. Guest spaces include a design-focused lounge and dining area, outdoor tree bar and luxurious poolside lounging.

Three Beachfront Bubble Zones

Matachica Resort

In an effort to curate ‘group privacy’, Matachica has created three ‘bubble zones’ within its beachfront property. Ideal for those traveling with large families or with friends who prefer to stick together as a travel pod, these three bubbles will enable your group to enjoy your own beach, dining area, boat, and pier areas and live in individual casitas clustered either to the south (13 rooms), the north (17 rooms) or their two luxury villas — each with two rooms.

Splendid isolation has become key to holidays and these bubbles are designed to deliver just that.

Also, the resort ensures that each zone has its own housekeepers, wait staff and captains, limiting the number of staff that will regularly interact with your group. Indeed, these bubble zones allow a great way to enjoy a holiday on the beach in a hotel setting with hotel services. Yet they retain the privacy that is top of mind during the pandemic.

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All-inclusive rates house up to 34 guests, averaging US$700 per night per person for a 7-night package. Matachica Resort & Spa is recognized as a Gold Standard Hotel in Belize. Guests can read more on the hotel’s response to COVID-19 here. For more information or to book this package, visit the hotel’s website.

Being COVID-Safe in Belize

Travel responsibly in Belize by adhering to our national mask mandate, practicing 6 feet of social distancing, and proper hygiene. In addition, you will need to bring along a negative PCR test, taken within the 96 hours of arriving in Belize. Finally, currently there is a national curfew, outdoor dining capacity restrictions, and a recommended Tourism Safe Corridor. Learn more about Belize’s current restrictions amid COVID-19 here.

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