Where to Get A PCR Test (Quickly) Before Travel to Belize

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If you are planning a trip to the Caribbean, you’ll need a negative COVID-19 before you go, with different destinations requiring different windows. And for Belize, you’ll need results within 72 hours of travel. While each destination has a clear set of pre-testing requirements, it’s not always clear where to actually get tested — and to do so quickly. That’s why Aruba-based Bats Media and Consulting has created a new portal called Rapid Test Travel, which tells visitors where they can find rapid test results in each U.S. state. The searchable directory includes everything from special labs to drugstore chains like Walgreens and CVS. All of the listed locations perform rapid test, and some can even perform 24-hour tests.

“A lot [of people] chose not to book because they could not find the location [for rapid testing]. We wanted to make it easier for them and increase tourism on the island,” said Julien de Bats, the company’s Director. “Anything we can to help tourists to book [to the Caribbean].”

Find your US Location for 72-Hour Results 


Traveling to Belize? Find your state for test results within 72 hours of travel to Belize with:

  • Test2FLY: Utilizes over 1000 testing facilities nationwide managing all travel requirements for stress-free travel.
  • TestforTravel: Provides updated testing clinics in multiple countries, and the option for at-home testing kits.

After the international airport reopens on October 1, all arriving passengers must test negative for COVID-19. Travelers have the option to provide a negative PCR Test, taken within 72 hours of travel, and access the ‘fast lane’ at immigration. Without, travelers have the option to take a rapid test on arrival inside the Philip Goldson International Airport’s newly constructed testing clinic. Additionally, each rapid test will be at the traveler’s expense and cost US$50 per person. At this moment, children aged 5 years and older are tested in Belize. In addition to that listed above, entry requirements to Belize include:

  • Travelers must book flight, and accommodations with a Gold Standard recognized hotel.
  • Download and register in the Belize Travel Health App.
  • Complete all required information on health app.
  • If possible, take a COVID PCR test within 72 hours of travel to access the ‘fast lane’ on entry.
  • Without a COVID PCR test, travelers can test in the airport, at a cost to the traveler.
  • Anyone who tests positive will face a mandatory 14-day quarantine, at a cost to the traveler.
  • If negative, enjoy your Belize vacation! If symptomatic, Belize reserves the right for secondary testing.
Editor’s Note: This blog was updated to reflect Belize’s October 1 reopening date and current entry protocols. Learn more here.

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