Discovering Shades of Blue with Maya’s Blue Hole Tour 

Blue Hole

Ranking number one on The Discovery list of “The 10 most amazing Places on Earth”, The Great Blue Hole. The Great Blue Hole has become a famous dive site, both locally and worldwide. It is now ranked number one on The Discovery list of “The 10 most amazing places on Earth. Measuring 1,000 feet across and approximately 43 miles from Belize City, this stunning aquatic phenomenon has a maximum depth of approximately 450 ft.  

The Blue Hole Tour

This stunning jewel set in a ring of corals is the world’s largest sinkhole in the ocean and is believed to have originally been a large cave system on dry land when it formed millions of years ago. Many have come to dive at this location, but you can also experience an exhilarating aerial view of this wonder with the aid of a charter tour or by simply booking online with Maya Island Air. 

The tour with Maya encompasses mecca scenic views of the Barrier Reef, Shark Ray Alley, Turneffe Atoll, the Ocean Freighter Wreck, and the Lighthouse Reef, a historical reminder of pirates and the colonial years. Get a chance to soak up a bird’s eye view of the jewel as a co-pilot or a window sitter and watch in awe as the different shades of turquoise blue mist the eyes and turn into a deep navy 

The tour allows each passenger traveling to have a great view by touring around the sinkhole multiple times per side with starboard over to capture a tremendous view of the majestic shades of blue made by natural formation. With such spectacular views, one may gaze off into the beauty and misses the opportunity to capture some of the most incredible shots, who knows you might just see some sea turtles. Moreover, a camera is allowed on the tour, so get your cameras ready to shoot one of your most memorable photos 

Written by Chelsea Johnston, Maya Island Air 

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