Off-the-Grid Living in Belize with Carmelita Gardens

by Carolee Chanona
Carmelita Gardens self-sufficient

If you’re looking to embrace the self-sufficient life, look no further than the Cayo District of Belize. And just seven miles out from San Ignacio lies the off-grid community of Carmelita Gardens. Founded in 2010, Carmelita Gardens is a self-sufficient village community as a 98-acre development on the banks of the Belize River. Besides boasting sustainability in action alongside the natural wealth of Belize, what really makes Carmelita Gardens tick is the community you’ll find. Offering vacation rentals or long-term lots, discover how this tiny home communities redefining green urbanism in Belize.

Green Urbanism in Western Belize

Casa del Rio - Aerial Carmelita Gardens

Carmelita Gardens is 100% “off-grid” utilizing solar power supply, rainwater catchment and sustainable building practices.

Around the world, a growing movement of eco-conscious urbanites are rejecting consumerism; instead, embracing minimalism and sufficiency with an off-grid tiny house. And while the options for such houses are not as common in Belize, many are embracing the ultimate freedom of living completely off-the-grid in more sustainable options. More specifically, with Carmelita Gardens in Belize’s Cayo District. The good news? You don’t have to be a complete hermit to adapt this lifestyle, not completely forsake electricity. Artisan cottages combine in this unique community; electricity is generated from the sun, rainwater is captured for zero-waste use, and sustainable building practices are executed.

With core values of sustainable resiliency and community stability, Carmelita Gardens marries first-class infrastructure and amenities with an artistic and down-to-earth village feel. Residents can be “independent together”; each unit hosts state-of-the-art solar technology that supports air conditioning, fans, washers, dryers, and refrigerators. Not to mention, all homes have high-speed internet to make working remotely easy.

 The Nearby Charm of the Cayo District 

Carmelita Gardens tiny home belize
A tiny home at the community of Carmelita Gardens.
Carmelita Gardens vegetables
Sustainable living at Carmelita Gardens, Cayo.

A quick 10-minute drive into outside of Carmelita Gardens lands you in lively San Ignacio, affectionately known as the heart and soul of the Cayo District. As a vibrant travel centre with plenty of good budget accommodations, decent restaurants and frequent transport, residents can take advantage. Nonetheless, enjoy country life, without sacrificing grocery stores, restaurants, bars, or hardware stores. Lots range in size from 1/8 to ½ acre and prices start at US$35,000 and go up to US$75,000. The developer also offers financing to purchase lots.

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