Belize Reopens National Parks, Nature Reserves & Wildlife Sanctuaries

by Carolee Chanona
national park trail sign

Starting June 15, Belize’s protected areas officially reopen! All national parks, nature reserves, natural monuments and wildlife sanctuaries under the National Biodiversity Office reopen to the public; daily hours are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Belize protects its country’s biodiversity through the National Protected Areas System (NPAS), which now covers around 46% of its total landmass. Additionally, all visitors to the protected areas that reopen must still practice social distancing and other measures under the national state of emergency for COVID-19 regulations in Belize.

“Visit a national park and make an impact”

However as eco-tourism in Belize grows, lodges are increasingly catering to hikers, birders, and marine fanatics. Not to mention, plenty of local guides are ready to jump headfirst into your next adventure with you! Wherever your adventure takes you across Belize, each visit to national parks, wildlife sanctuaries, and nature reserves help to fund their conservation while strengthening its growing eco-economy! Majority of the co-managers of the protected areas that reopen are either non-governmental or community-based organisations. While being closed to the public, most parks have been undergoing renovations before welcoming guests again!

Looking for a more tailor-made experience? Book a private excursion with a local tour operator, like Splash Dive Center, and get started. As national parks reopen across the country, now is the time to explore the natural beauty of Belize!

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