Ever Dreamed Of A Seaside Cafe? Make It A Reality On This Belize Beach

by Carolee Chanona

Belize is being called the Caribbean’s fastest-growing destination for a reason: convenience, terrific natural sites, beautiful beaches, and English as its primary language. “Open for business,” is what the Government of Belize hopes to convey with market stability, a 2-to-1 conversion rate for the US dollar, and legislative support, especially for micro, small, and medium entities. You’ll especially see it in tourism hubs like the up-and-coming fingerling peninsula of Placencia, proving itself irresistible to a growing number of expats. No longer just a fishing village, the 16-mile beach strip no wider than half a mile is also home to a slurry of luxury resorts, 5-star restaurants, and seaside cafes. It’s also why this business opportunity listed by RE/MAX 1st Choice is so exciting: either inherit and operate a cafe, evolve it into something else entirely, or simply settle seaside in Placencia, Belize. 

About This RE/MAX Listing in Placencia, Belize 

Belize’s Placencia Peninsula has proven irresistible to a growing number of expats. Not to mention, it’s experiencing a development boom post-COVID as the next best tourism destination in the small Central American country. It’s a shady little corner in the northern part of Placencia Village and is centrally located. You won’t have your Walmart, or Target, or Starbucks in Belize — because franchises simply don’t exist here — but you’ll still have everything you’ll need. 

It’s also the perfect starter property at 514 sq. meters, or 0.127 acres, that already comes with a small bakery with air conditioning, a patio, and wooden floors. You can take on the lease, or start from scratch – no pun intended! Although, it’s not a bad place to simply settle down and build a home if you’re looking to dive into village life at Placencia. A recent article by International Living shared that one Ohio couple found that, as homeowners in Belize, they were spending less than $1,800 a month on living expenses. In fact, they equated it to 60% of what they typically spent in Ohio. 

Directly on Main Road, this is ultimately prime real estate in an already landlocked area. Not to mention, it’s also an investment property that’ll only accrue value in the growth to come. Combined, this main street lot and building listed by RE/MAX 1st Choice in Placencia Village come with a $250,000 USD price tag. 

Daydreaming Still? Here’s Another Expat Restauranteer’s Success Story 

Twenty-four years ago, Dutch native Rob Pronk visited Belize — and never left. He opened his own restaurant and hotel there, still whipping up fantastic meals at the Chef Rob Gourmet Café in Hopkins, another beachfront village in Southern Belize. In an international CBS News feature, Chef Rob shares,

“To me, freedom means living the life you want to live, the way you want.”
Hopkins Village bike

Biking through Hopkins Village. Photo courtesy Dylan Hetelle

What’s holding you back from owning that seaside cafe or simply relocating to sunny Belize? Here’s to taking the first step with Theresa at RE/MAX 1st Choice

All images via RE/MAX 1st Choice unless stated otherwise. 

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