Packing for Love: A Romantic Getaway in Belize to San Ignacio Resort Hotel

by Larry Waight

Find romantic nirvana a couple of hours south of the U.S. in the lush corners of San Ignacio, Belize—even romance writers would be hard-pressed to describe a destination that’s as conducive to love as the San Ignacio Resort Hotel. While you’re sojourning at this former luxury estate known for its small size, fantastic gardens, and posh accommodations, borrow any or all these 8 great ideas for a romantic escapade in Belize. Choose a romantic vacation destination to try one or more, and you could find yourselves in a perpetual state of bliss. Where else to find an atmosphere that’s exotic, private, luxurious yet smack in the middle of San Ignacio? After all, it’s the only jungle in town. 

1. Come up with surprises as often as possible.
belikin robe san ignacio resort hotel

Kickback and relax in Belize with a Belikin. Photo courtesy San Ignacio Resort Hotel

Don’t tell the love of your life that you’ve booked a stay at this remarkable resort until you must! It’s okay to reveal plane tickets so your better half packs appropriately, but for the ultimate surprise, don’t reveal your destination is San Ignacio Resort Hotel until you arrive. Expect to score big points with that special someone.

2. Leave little messages to each other throughout your stay, but don’t be predictable.

Random notes easily show your love and admiration for your loved one and don’t cost a cent, but the impact of these impromptu notes can’t be quantified. Call ahead and let San Ignacio Resort Hotel’s concierge know that you’re celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or even honeymoon and they’ll leave lovely little notes themselves—like on the bed in hibiscus petals or leaves! 

3. Arrange for in-suite couple massages.

This one is easy. The resort’s concierge can book in the personal service you expect from an all-service spa, except right in your suite. I mean, who wants to interrupt a sublime experience by getting all dressed up when you can enjoy every treatment you’d want from the comfort of your room? 

4. Plan on taking a few risks.
couple xunantunich san ignacio resort hotel cayo
Explore the Xunantunich as a newlywed couple. Photo courtesy San Ignacio Resort Hotel

We have it on good authority that adventures involving risk-taking—like zip-lining and rappelling down to everything from waterfalls to ancient Maya caves—boost romantic feelings. Browse the resort’s adventure menu to see how much variety awaits just a short drive away, like Rio on Pools. 

5. Explore resort onsite amenities for a peek into the other’s curiosity and interests.
San Ignacio resort hotel cayo

Photo courtesy of San Ignacio Resort Hotel

Save space in your itinerary for plenty of onsite experiences like bird watching, the informative tea-tasting medicinal tour, and taking advantage of the swimming pool and tennis court. Adopt an iguana (or two) at the resort’s Green Iguana Conservation Project as a token of affection and living reminder of this romantic getaway!

6. Feed your tummies and souls.

Enjoy a prime cut of steak from Running W Restaurant at San Ignacio Resort Hotel.

The relationship between food sharing and romance is dramatic: “The act of food-sharing and feeding is a big indicator for the level of intimacy within romantic relationships,” say experts who agree that nothing says social intimacy like sharing food. Doing so “increases romantic judgment from 74 percent to 90 percent,” says researcher Paul Rozin of Columbia University. You two don’t have to be scholars to realize that staying at a resort known for culinary excellence, their Running W Restaurant, is one bound to bring you closer together. Save space for their Bread Pudding dessert, and order two spoons instead. 

7. Dream big.

Taking time to devote to each other in an environment that’s anything but stressful can clear your minds and remind you of the important things in life, rather than trivia that gets in the way of relationships. Ensconced within a resort that has won myriad awards, gets great reviews, and offers guests the security of knowing that San Ignacio Resort Hotel is committed to your health and safety, you’ll enjoy freedom from stress that encourages big dreams.

8. Don’t be afraid to be yourselves.

reading book porch San Ignacio resort hotel

Dr. Randy Kamen counsels couples and finds that one of the reasons relationships crash and burn is because individuals may hide their authentic selves to be diplomatic, please others, or out of fear that they won’t be loved when their true, unfiltered selves are revealed. Your time at the San Ignacio Resort Hotel is the ideal time and place to be authentic, vulnerable, and courageous! 

Who wants to spend a bundle on professional therapy when the San Ignacio Resort Hotel exists? Whether you’re eager to strengthen an already-solid relationship or you’ve just begun a new romance, spending time at the San Ignacio Resort Hotel this Valentine’s Day—or any other day on your 2022 calendar—can set the course of your relationship for a lifetime. 

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