Pick Up! Belize is Calling!

by McNab Editorial Team

Vacation in Belize in 2019!

In the recently published 2019 Gold List issue of Conde Nast Traveler, an inspiring article by Horatio Clare sums up the allure of Belize. Though the article highlights the quaint coastal town of Placencia, “offbeat charm” can be found throughout the country. On the coast, wake up to the sound of seagulls fussing over morning catches. Coconut trees rustle in the morning air. Pelicans dive with a splash to beat of a distant hum of crashing waves on the reef. It is the call of the Caribbean that wakes you from your slumber.

seafront cottage turtle inn coppola

A seafront cottage at Turtle Inn in Placencia, Belize. Photo courtesy Coppola Hideaways


Inland, Cohune trees dance to their own music in the breeze. The many cries of the wild become one melodic thrill, and the smell of rich earth invades your senses. It is the call of the tropical jungle that entices your curiosity. Both calls promise a day of adventure, filled with the wonder of”nature’s best-kept secret”.

Choose your vibe

Victoria Peak natural monument

Photo courtesy Kevin Quischan Photography

You’ve been summoned to explore Belize, your only choice is to heed the call. This little country is jam-packed with activities for any traveler. The adventurer can explore caverns in the jungle. Scale Victoria Peak, (the second-highest point in the country). Explore the depths of The Great Blue Hole, or roam the jungle in search of an elusive Jaguar encounter.

The leisure traveler can choose from an impressive array of luxury and boutique resorts. Lavish spas and delectable meals at many esteemed restaurants are a great way to spend downtime. Culture seekers can have a field day learning how to play Garifuna drums, immerse themselves in a Mayan home-stay or experience the many festivals that happen throughout the year.

Unlike any other vacation destination

Sure, there are other Caribbean destinations that offer turquoise waters and brown sugar sands, but Belize has so much more. Here, you can snorkel the barrier reef in the morning and be in Cayo by the evening to enjoy the sunset over rolling mountainous valleys. Practice your sun salutations atop a Maya site at the break of dawn and flex your dance moves to soca and dancehall music at night. Walk a medicinal trail and discover the healing power of nature before you enjoy the rush of the river currents as you canoe down the Macal River.

Jet ski around pristine islets then jumps into clear waters to greet grazing turtles and tropical fish below. Sunbathe on a sandbar and take a dip with a passing pod of Bottlenose Dolphins. Taste the exquisite flavors of local cuisine and put a spin on a traditional recipe at a cooking class to take home with you. You can even rappel down a waterfall and wind down with the sensory experience of a healing Mayan massage. Belize is often described as offering “the best of both worlds”, to fully embody its benefactions it should be known as the best of many worlds. The best of the Mayan world, the best of the marine conservation world, the best of your world as you’d have it. The symphony of offshore and inland offerings is at your disposal.

Original Article by Drea Reneau

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