Islands in the Sun – Imagine Owning a Piece of Paradise in Belize

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Paradise Found

Envision the word “Caribbean.” No doubt, an image of a sand-covered island, and lazy waves lapping on the beach come to mind. Belize boasts about 240 miles of Caribbean coastline. Further, there are hundreds of islands or “cayes”. Among these cayes, you will find everything from bustling tourist towns, to tiny untouched paradises and everything in between.

Belize is becoming more and more popular these days. Imagine owning your own island here! The allure of your personal exotic escape is a dream come true. In fact, the buying and selling of private islands have increased over the years. Take it from Premier island real estate broker, Boris Mannsfeld. According to him, the most noteworthy feature about purchasing an island in Belize is the fact that one can actually own an island outright. This means no leasing of titles. Very few places exist in the world where this is done. However, the vast majority of the islands being sold are un-developed. This, of course, mandates a considerable investment beyond the purchase price.

However, a purchase price as low as $300,000 is possible. The individuals buying these cayes are seeking to build a relaxing private getaway home. Investors turn them into resorts while some people just want to able to have a cocktail party on their own a Caribbean island. Who could blame them? If you have the means why not have your own piece of paradise? Some amazing resorts are being planned for several islands. Allowing for great island hopping. Also, making for more opportunities to experience a larger variety of restaurants, bars, and amenities in the near future.

All Eyes on Belize

The assets of Belize have not gone unnoticed. All eyes are on Belize as of late. New developments are bringing a new level of luxury and top tier guests to Belize. The prominent development of a Four Seasons Resort is an example. In addition, to an already over the top revamp, the development of Caye Chapel will even include a Greg Norman golf course and a private runway.

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Numerous Cayes have been featured on the famous HGTV Island Hunter TV shows. Chris Krolow, the executive producer and host of HGTV’s “Island Hunters” TV show created a now-famous private island experience called Gladden Private Island. So fancy, that taking a helicopter to this very exclusive island is the best way to get there. It is marketed as the most private island in the world. Recently, Richard Branson and Fabien Cousteau along with a team of scientists visited Belize. Documented by the Discovery Channel, they explored the depths of the Blue Hole. These are indeed exciting times!

In addition to bringing in tourism from all over the world, Belize has done an amazing job of doing so in an environmentally friendly manner. Belize is also very committed to the preservation of its cayes. It was demonstrated by the presence of many environmental organizations, extensive coral restoration, the banning of plastics by 2019. Further, legislation was passed banning oil drilling. There is also an ongoing fight to ban the use of gillnets for fishing.

The future looks very exciting as more and more island resorts open up. The next time you are contemplating what to do during your trip to Belize consider the dream of owning your own slice of paradise.

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