Making Waves in the Community: Splash Dive Center

by Vivian Roe
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During the tourism downtime in Belize, Splash Dive Center continues to make a splash for different reasons: community involvement. Throughout this pandemic, it is ever present that businesses are more than just suppliers of tourism, but individuals and community members first. They support countless jobs and livelihoods. They play an active role in their communities. And, they champion the very asset that makes Belize so beautiful: its environment. In Placencia, Splash Dive Center continues to work behind the scenes to support the local community and environment.

As a local dive shop on the Placencia Peninsula, Splash Dive Center offers PADI dive certifications alongside dive and snorkel trips to various sites. They provide guests with the very highest standards of service and aim to make dive trips educational, informative and fun. Plus, inland tours and accommodation arrangements through their sister company, Splash Destination Management Company

However, Splash Dive Center is more than just a dive shop. Founded in 2000, both dive shop and founder Patty Ramirez have played an active role in the community and environmental projects; for its protection and sustainable growth, both locally and internationally. 

“We recognize that our communities livelihood and our guests experiences depend upon sustainable tourism and environmental practices. Splash Dive Center is active on a local level in Whale shark conservation and also in protecting the Belize Barrier Reef.”

– Patty Ramirez, Splash Dive Center 

Champions of Local Community

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On a local level, the Splash Kids Club is a great example. Patty founded the Splash Kids Club, which helps children from the local communities, who otherwise cannot afford scuba lessons, to get certified as PADI Junior Open Water divers. Not only does this help the kids enjoy the rewards of scuba diving, but it gets them started on a potential career as a local guide, PADI Instructor, or in marine conservation. More importantly, it educates them about the importance of long term environmental conservation.

Local Conservation & Environment Projects

Overall, the Splash team is also actively involved in local conservation projects. As their livelihoods depend on mother nature, they realise how important it is to safeguard the reef and environment. Annually, cleanups are organized for Laughing Bird Caye: a National Park and World Heritage Site. Additionally, Splash takes part in the Placencia Mooring Masters – an organization that uses funds that it raises to install mooring buoys at the popular dive sites to protect our reef from anchor damage.

Whale Shark Conservation

The pristine waters of Southern Belize are home of these gentle giants, the Whale Sharks. Splash Dive Center operates some of the best tours to see and experience these magnificent creatures in the country; between March and June, visitors of Gladden Spit Marine Reserve have a unique chance during the full moon period. They know however, how important it is to conserve the whale shark community; they do so by leading a Whale Shark Working Day Committee, and working with other organizations in the Whale Shark Working Group. Together, they educate on the whale sharks and Belize Barrier Reef. 

International Community & Conservation Work 

In addition to these local initiatives, they also champion for the Belize Barrier Reef on a global level. They have worked with PADI on Project Aware for years protecting the reef and educating visitors on its importance. Not to mention, they also hold a PADI Green Star Award

As travel slowly and cautiously reopens, we know that travelers will be looking for businesses who provide sustainable travel experiences. When you choose to dive and snorkel with Splash Dive Center, you’ll be actively contributing back to the long term sustainability of tourism in Placencia and helping to support the local community. 

For more information or to book one of their tours for your next Belize trip, visit their website here

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