How to Plan a Friends Vacation To This Island In Belize For The Perfect Group Getaway

by Larry Waight

If you’re like most North Americans, your posse includes a delightful mix of people representing just about every world view under the sun. Your goal, finding a balance in their company, can be an exercise in futility at times, but even the most extreme personalities in your universe will welcome an invitation for a friends’ or family holiday in the Caribbean—especially if most of them live in areas where winters are challenging. To convince the folks you want to vacation with of the merits of your invitation, you’ll need a little professional advice to do the job, and this is where we come in. These tips can help you navigate roadblocks that could arise when you convince the folks you’d like to come along that this getaway is not just possible but doable!

How To Start Planning Your Group Getaway To Belize

1. These days, there are so many resources on Belize, including Caribbean Culture & Lifestyle. Invite folks you want to invite on your group adventure to get a taste of Belize music, videos, and photos.

2. Serve tropical beverages and snacks that reflect Caribbean fare! Everything about your get together is likely to be a conversation starter, so when you suggest a group trip to Belize where budget-friendly prices make this nation the perfect destination, expect lots of enthusiasm.

3. Ask every group member to pick a topic to research that can be brought back to the group so no one person is required to do all the research. Include jungle treks, lush forests awash in waterfalls, Maya ruins, charming towns and cities and the Belize Barrier Reef where diving, snorkeling, fishing, sailing, and island-hopping adventures await.

4. As the originator of this idea, locate the ideal Belize resort for groups who want it all, but have neither the time nor organizational skills to take care of details. Blue Marlin Beach Resort is the ultimate destination and you can work with staff in advance to put every plan into place.

5. Draw up a list of airfare prices gleaned from a consolidator (e.g., Kayak) after contacting Blue Marlin staffers to craft an all-inclusive package that covers everything your group desires, including transit to and from the island, accommodations, meals, amenities and taxes.

Blue Marlin Beach Resort’s rooms are clean and comfortable with AC units, for even cooler nights.

6. Some group planners get a buy-in from folks who are serious about going on the trip by starting a bank account that prepays this holiday upfront. In fact, each person can contribute to the account at their own pace so the cost of the package you choose is shared equally. At this point, you’ve turned a clever idea into action!

Why Blue Marlin Beach Resort is ideal for a group vacation

Situated on the idyllic island of South Water Caye, everyone in your party will find this 15-acre island to be the quintessential getaway spot; that’s thanks to its proximity to both the Reef and local towns and villages where visitors can enjoy shopping and entertainment spots. This resort sits atop the reef thus guests are treated to private beaches filled with palm trees and the bluest waters imaginable.

No matter your age, stage of life or interests, you and your travels buds couldn’t get bored if you tried thanks to resort amenities that include complimentary kayaks, paddle boards and 400 feet of dock that will mesmerize everyone once they peer into the ocean to see what’s swimming below.

Onsite opportunities to stay fit and in shape appeal to those who worry about losing the momentum of regular workouts back home. The island’s volleyball court, yoga sessions and soothing massage services all contribute to the ultimate tropical getaway where guests are treated like celebrities.

Timing is everything

blue marlin beach lodge

Image courtesy Blue Marlin Beach Lodge

Having determined that all-inclusive packages are the ideal way to convince your travel party that they won’t have to empty their bank accounts to enjoy a top-of-the-line Caribbean vacation, you’ll even appeal to folks who are reluctant to participate in a group vacation once they see how much awaits them in Belize.

The Belize based resort, Blue Marlin offers a vareity of watersports for their guests, including SCUBA, snorkeling, guided island tours and kayaking.

Depending upon the size of your group and the time of year you want to schedule your getaway, you may even tell the group that you’ve managed to snag a current deal that offers savings and discounts on top of the already-affordable package rate everyone has agreed to.

Relaxation and money-saving fun and adventure all await at Blue Marlin Beach Resort and since you’re the genius who came up with this idea in the first place, expect to be thanked for coming up with this idea and taking care of the planning. Your next job? Relinquishing your job by asking for volunteers to plan the next escape while they’re still basking in the glow of this fabulous vacation!

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