BTB’s Connect Expo in San Pedro Brings Businesses Together

by Dion Vansen

To help businesses promote their services and reach more customers, Grand Caribe Belize partnered with the Belize Tourism Board (BTB) and hosted a business space dubbed ‘Connect Expo’. During their Deep Sea Classic weekend, over 20 different businesses assembled in the West Room at Grand Caribe’s property and welcomed potential patrons. Not only did the expo offer the opportunity for stakeholders to interact with customers, but lucky winners went back home with some fabulous prizes too! Here’s what the event was like. 

Patrons, Prizes, And More

Featured products included local jewelry, such as earrings, chains, and bracelets. Slate carvings, woodworks, embroidery, paintings, communication, hospitality, local chocolates, marine products, marine products, and merchandise depot for marine products. The BTB, the Belize Tourism Industry Association, and services such as the beverage company Bowen & Bowen all had their respective booths at the expo. There was also a law firm offering information on its legal services, the local airline Tropic Air, and luxurious resorts among other businesses. Informational booths were also present on health, tours, and even upcoming raffles for charity. 

Hotels like the host Grand Caribe and Sunset Caribe offered anyone visiting their booth the opportunity to enter and win 3 2-night stay packages with them. 

The expo saw vendors and shoppers from across the island and even the mainland. Visitors toured the different booths full of local services and products. This was indeed the ideal occasion for anyone to check out the immense variety of services. The weekend was one of the busiest in a while for Ambergris Caye, compounded with others in town.  

An Event-Packed Weekend On Ambergris Caye

At the same venue in Grand Caribe, the 6th Annual Deep Sea Classic fishing tournament was simultaneously taking place. Those following the tournament had the option to visit the expo while they waited for their favorite team to return from fishing. At the same time, the BTB was hosting the very first Belize International Music and Food Festival in downtown San Pedro. The expo was considered a good idea due to the volume of people on the island and different events taking place simultaneously.  

There were great deals available, especially for subscriptions and bulk purchases. While vendors and shoppers mingled, there was the option to visit the pool side of the resort and the beach for some refreshments and/or some lunch. Many did this after visiting the booths in the West Room.  

The expo was open from 11 am to 5 pm and it was considered well attended. BTB looks forward to continuing these efforts to help businesses promote their services and grow their clientele in their communities and across the country. 

All images via Belize Tourism Board.

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