Plan The Coolest Underwater Proposal with Splash Dive Center

by Gisselle Hernandez

It’s the month of love, and for some couples, nothing is more romantic than a grand display of passion right on Valentine’s Day. In fact, according to, Valentine’s Day took the top spot as the most popular day to get engaged in 2020. As the article says, “receiving a ring sure beats a box of chocolates!” If you agree, there’s no better place to pop the question than in tropical Belize. The small Caribbean country has already won many awards for romance in the hotel category. But if you’re thinking of something more out of the box—or under the water, in this case—planning a proposal beneath the Caribbean Sea might just take the cake. 

Saying yes to the love of your life — or if you’re the one doing the asking — is a moment of pure unadulterated magic. To make it even more magical, do it beneath the waves with eclectic marine life swimming by and vibrant corals bearing witness. To help you achieve this, the best resource is Splash Dive Center. The dive experts have had more than their fair share of underwater proposals (and weddings) so you’d be in good hands. 

A Special Moment with Splash Dive

The unique proposal is apparently popular with folks who are into water sports such as scuba diving or snorkeling. Patricia Ramirez, the founder of Splash Dive, said many choose Belize for an underwater proposal because it has the largest barrier reef in the Northern hemisphere. She’s at the helm when it comes to planning such an event. 

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“As a wedding planner we follow the protocols to arrange any wedding event,” she wrote via message. “Being a dive professional myself helps me to think about the safety of each one of the guests and everyone involved in the underwater event.” 


A perfect day on Middle Silk Caye. Image via Tanya McNab

Belize is rife with stunning seascapes to serve as a background in such a monumental moment. Ramirez claims Laughing Bird Caye, Moho Caye, South Water Caye, and many more are popular destinations for underwater proposals. 

“Some guests [who] have been to Belize already know exactly where they would like their underwater proposal or wedding to be,” she wrote. “For a proposal, it’s easier to pick the destination/site as it’s only two people. But for a wedding, we have to think about dive experience, size of the group and special things that the couple might want and their budget.” 

Stroll Moho Caye hand in hand. Image via Roeming Belize

Regardless, the experience is worth it. Belize has more than 400 islands, and many of them are popular for snorkeling or diving. It’s no surprise when it comes to popping the big question you’d want an unforgettable setting. “That magical atmosphere of the underwater world being surrounded by fishes and the beautiful corals in the background make it an experience as no other,” Ramirez shares. 

Why choose an underwater proposal 


Image by Bill Carmella while diving with Splash Dive Center.

When asked what makes an underwater proposal so special, Ramirez says people are looking to do something different.  

“They will look into the underwater proposal if one (or two) of them love the underwater world.” 

While snorkelers could also choose the one-of-a-kind experience, it’s easier for divers as they can remain underwater for much longer. 

How to plan an underwater proposal 

If you’re set on taking part in an experience of a lifetime, Splash Dive says it can be done during a private tour or a regular tour. They have done both, though recommend a private one as it is much intimate and private. The private tour can include a nice lunch and end with a sunset cruise on the way back. All arrangements can be done either online or in Placencia. You just need to select the type of tour you want, plan the moment or Splash Dive can also recommend when’s the best time to do it. Even if that means after your dive, where staff can even help set up a romantic locale to greet you.

If you’re already engaged and would like to tie the knot instead, Splash Dive says that can easily be done. You or your guests don’t have to be experienced divers to participate. Splash Dive can arrange for a pickup from the hotel by either boat or van, while the wedding couple will be on their own private vehicle. Everyone departs the dock to head to the wedding site. After the underwater ceremony, a sunset cruise ensues followed by a formal ceremony in the evening. 

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