Planning a Destination Wedding in the middle of a Global Pandemic?

by Carolee Chanona
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In a normal year, up to 25 percent of couples getting married choose a destination wedding, and for U.S. couples, around 40 percent of destination weddings take place internationally, according to a study by Research and Markets. Couples sometimes view a “far-flung” destination like Belize where fewer people will attend as cheaper. And with current regulations in Belize limiting weddings to just ten persons, it could even be cheaper than ever. Even with distancing measures in place, hotels around the world — even in Belize — are planning to host destination weddings in 2021. However, any wedding you plan or attend will be quite different to one held before COVID-19.

“2020 has just been a really hard year overall, so weddings seems like a bit of light at the end of the tunnel.”

Staying Safe & Sentimental

An intimate wedding in Belize on the beaches of San Pedro Town. Photo by Leonardo Melendez Photography (pre-COVID)

Besides following restrictions on how many people can attend, if you’re planning a wedding, there’s lots you can do to minimise the risk of coronavirus on the big day. For one, opt to keep it outdoors while keeping the ceremony (and any celebrations) short and sweet. Additionally, face masks are also mandatory in Belize. After all, it is better to be safe and sentimental than sorry. Many engaged couples aren’t letting things like a global pandemic or social distance get in their way of getting married. After all, love always wins. Instead, they’re finding creative ways to make their wedding plans happen—from Skype consultations with vendors to Zoom bridal showers. Where there’s a tech-savvy will, there’s a way!

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Jump Straight Into Honeymooning with a Destination Wedding

Say ‘I Do’ in Belize with a micro-wedding. Photo by Leonardo Melendez Photography (pre-COVID)

Wedding planning is innately stressful, which is why immediate relaxation is much appreciated with a destination wedding. Current regulations in Belize are currently Statutory Instrument 170:

“No person can host or attend a wedding which hosts more than ten persons other than the bride, bridegroom, official witnesses and the marriage officer.”

Afterwards, jump straight into enjoying newlywed life with your honeymoon. Travel agents are seeing an uptrend of brides & grooms who probably never even previously considered a destination wedding; but as a result of Covid & the implications its restrictions have caused for their local venues, the idea of a stress-free destination event all the sudden becomes that much more attractive.

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