Shark Awareness Day: Top places to sight sharks in Belize

by Louise Roe

Today, July 14, we celebrate Shark Awareness Day! In recognition of this day, we’re highlighting the places in Belize to spot these beautiful creatures.

Nurse Sharks at Shark Ray Alley – Hol Chan Marine Reserve

Shark Ray Alley is located inside Hol Chan Marine Reserve. It is a popular snorkeling site teeming with nurse sharks, rays and marine life. By visiting this snorkel site, you can be guaranteed a sighting of some sharks. Not to mention, its a short 15-minute boat ride south of San Pedro or 30 minutes North of Caye Caulker; Hol Chan is very accessible. Upon arrival, you are in for a warm welcome!

A frenzy of sharks and rays surround the boat and seagull’s flock above. Nurse sharks are the most popular species of shark at this reserve. The sandy floors make for the perfect hang out spot for these laid back and docile creatures who enjoy laying on the reef floor and finding food hidden in the corals. With some of their favorite dishes being fish, crab, lobster, and conch, there is no worry here so visitors happily share the water! The shallow waters of the reserve have a maximum depth of 30 feet which makes for great visibility when snorkeling – not to mention the guaranteed encounter with a shark.

Whale Sharks –  Gladden Spit & Silk Cayes Marine Reserve

Being around the largest fish species in the sea is a life-changing experience. Belize is one of the few destinations you can spot these gentle giants with seasonal feeding aggregation happens on the coast of many sites, including Belize! Additionally, whale sharks tend to like warmer areas and are found in tropical waters, being the reason why they pass through Belize. Between the months from March through June you can have the opportunity to see some sightings of these majestic animals.

Due to their size, witnessing a whale shark is a magical experience. They grow up to 60 feet, with a weight of 50,000 pounds.  They leisurely grazing at about 3 miles an hour with gulps of entire schools of krill and plankton. The best way to see whale sharks feeding is on a special dive trip. Grab your gear and book a tour during their seasonal appearance in Belize with a local tour operator, like Splash Dive Centre, and jump in with the world’s largest fish.

Sharks are magnificent creatures that are essential to our oceans. For Shark Awareness Day, we celebrate their existence and raise awareness on their importance to our ecosystems!

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