Soursop in Belize

by McNab Editorial Team

Ever visited any of the markets in Belize and came across a dark green prickly fruit? Chances are, it’s soursop. Native to tropical and subtropical regions throughout the world, this unique fruit got its name from its slightly acidic taste when ripe. Inside, the flesh is whitish, juicy, and aromatic, but big black seeds fill the inside of its membranes, which can make it hard to eat. Fruit lovers have found creative ways to enjoy the soursop fruit, while researchers have found medicinal uses for it.

What Does Soursop Taste Like?

Fans of the fruit have described it as a combination of strawberries and apples with citrusy notes. Others have described it as having tones of fruit candy and found the texture to be creamy like a banana. Both are absolutely correct. Here in Belize, we enjoy making it into ice cream, smoothies, and ideals (similar to ice pops) which are a hit with kids. Having it as a refreshing drink at meals during the summer months is also popular.

Photo by Liar Liur on Unsplash

This unique fruit is also said to heal ailments. The seeds can be used to treat vomiting, while the leaves can be applied to skin eruptions to promote healing. Many believe the root bark to be an antidote for poisoning and the flowers are believed to alleviate mucus in the nose or throat caused by inflammation.

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In Belize, soursop’s most popular use is for reducing fever and boosting the immune system. Interesting to note is that recent research indicates that it may be used to treat cancer, though there is no medical evidence of its effectiveness. So, the next time you are in Belize, be adventurous. Indulge in sampling this unusual but flavorsome fruit.

Written by Vivian Lizarraga. This article was published in November 2019.

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