On National Pizza Day, Here’s Where to Get Pizza in Belize

by Khaila Gentle

Pizza, the universally loved comfort food, has an uncanny ability to bring people together with its delicious combination of flavors and versatility. In the US, National Pizza Day is observed every February 9th, but who says you can’t celebrate while in Belize, too?  From Placencia to Mountain Pine Ridge, if you’ve ever wanted to explore the pizza scene in picturesque Belize, here’s your chance. These are just a few places where you can savor some mouthwatering pizza (with a view) in Belize.

Where to Find Pizza in Belize

Don Tonitos by the Belize Collection (3 Locations)

Photo courtesy of The Belize Collection

One of the only pizza “franchises” you’ll find in Belize, Don Tonitos by Belize Collection offers a delightful dining experience with their wood-fired pizzas. Find them at Umaya Resort in Placencia, The Lodge at Jaguar Reef in Hopkins, and the Rainforest Lodge at Sleeping Giant off the Hummingbird Highway. The menu boasts a variety of pizzas, from classic combinations to inventive creations, ensuring there’s something to satisfy every pizza enthusiast.

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Montagna Ristorante at Blancaneaux Lodge

Montagna Ristorante at Blancaneaux Lodge

Photo courtesy of Blancaneaux Lodge

For those seeking a slice of “amore” in the Mountain Pine Ridge Area, Montagna Ristorante at Blancaneaux Lodge is a choice destination. Enjoy authentic Italian fare while surrounded by Belize’s natural beauty. It’s a dining experience that perfectly complements the rich flavors of the pizzas crafted with locally sourced ingredients.

The Pizzeria at Turtle Inn

Photo by Turtle Inn

Found inside Turtle Inn, the Pizzeria offers an authentic pizza experience, right down to the basil leaves that dot every slice. Indulge in handcrafted, wood-fired pizzas crafted using high-quality ingredients. It’s a perfect spot to savor delicious pizza in style.

Running W Restaurant at San Ignacio Resort Hotel (Sundays)

Photo courtesy of Running W Restaurant

If you get a craving for some good pizza in San Ignacio, Belize, head to the “only jungle in town”. Running W Restaurant at San Ignacio Resort Hotel has pizza every Sunday. The best part? The spectacular jungle views come complimentary.

Moe’s Pizza Pasta in Belize City

moe's playground

Photo by Moe’s Pizza Pasta

In the bustling cityscape of Belize City, Moe’s Pizza stands out as a go-to spot for pizza enthusiasts. Sitting by the coast, it’s great for families and those looking for a place to sit down and indulge with a side of sea breeze. Offering a diverse menu and a cozy ambiance, Moe’s is a satisfying pizza experience in the heart of Belize’s urban landscape.

Cha Chi’s in Placencia

Photo by Cha Chi’s Pizza on Facebook

If you find yourself in the charming village of Placencia, head to Cha Chi’s. The diverse menu caters to all tastes, offering a wide range of toppings and crust options. Plus, this local hangout spot is known to have live music on a regular basis.

Driftwood Beach Bar & Pizza Shack in Hopkins

For a coastal pizza experience, head to Driftwood Beach Bar and Pizza Shack in serene Hopkins village. This casual seaside pizza eatery specializes in creating delectable pies that perfectly complement the tropical surroundings. Enjoy a slice or two while you listen to live Garifuna drumming.

The Truck Stop in San Pedro

A local Ambergris Caye hangout. Photo courtesy of the Truck Stop.

For a unique and lively pizza experience, head to The Truck Stop in San Pedro. This food truck park offers a variety of culinary delights, including handcrafted pizzas. Grab a seat at one of the picnic tables and enjoy your pizza under the stars, surrounded by the vibrant energy of this popular gathering spot.

On National Pizza Day, or any day you’re craving a slice of perfection, Belize has you covered. From the rainforest to the beach, and from traditional to innovative, whether you’re a local or a traveler exploring Belize, celebrate the joy of pizza Belize.

Featured Photo by Blancaneaux Lodge

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