Why A Sunset Sail Tour in Belize Could be the Greatest Gift this Holiday Season 

by Gisselle Hernandez

Sailing into the sunset has always been associated with romcom movie endings, but it doesn’t always have to be. A sunset sail tour in Belize is such a beautiful endeavor deserving to be shared by all, which makes them a great activity for families and friend groups. As you make your way to Belize during this holiday season, consider booking a sailboat tour during your Caye Caulker vacation as a gift that will have your loved ones feeling thankful way past the new year. 

On-board perks

It’s not all about the views, though. While onboard, your captain-turned-chef will churn out some freshly-caught conch ceviche. Diced tomato, cilantro, onions, and conch are pickled with some lime and perhaps even a habanero. This delicious seafood dish will be accompanied by some rum punch, of course. You’ll be sipping giddily on your cocktails while bobbing along serenely to the waves. Here, your heart and soul will be at peace, glad for the lack of crowds, noises, and other baggage from the outside world. The sailing takes approximately two hours, circling the island until it’s time for that Golden Hour to hit. 

Why a tour (by sail) offers a new perspective on Belize

Arriving at Caye Caulker, you’re probably going to be preoccupied exploring the island and all its colorful sights before making your way to the famous Split for some lounging. The six-mile-long island is ideal for kicking back and relaxing, as well as photogenic backdrops for your Instagram. But after you and your companions have become well acquainted with the island, opt for seeing it from another perspective. A sunset sail will have you appreciating Caye Caulker from a whole other angle. Aboard the sailboat, you’ll truly see the beauty of the island with its scattering of palm trees and vibrantly-hued neighborhoods. You’ll notice people start gradually gravitating towards the lagoon-side at the Split, preparing for the majestic sunset to come.

Oscar-worthy views 


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There simply isn’t a bad photo of a Caye Caulker sunset because no such thing exists. You have about a good 15 minutes to enjoy the fiery hues painted across the sky before the sun winks out of the horizon, bruising the sky into a light pink and purple. The beautiful view coupled with the rum punch will have you all feeling relaxed to let the conversation flow as you make your way back to the island. The sunset sail tour experience will have created a new bond between you all and Belize, bestowing one of the greatest gifts that could not simply fit in one ribboned package: a lovely adventure with lovely people. 

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