Take Home a Piece of Belize Thanks to These Local Artisans

by Megan Rodden

Souvenirs from your travels hold a special significance. They serve as a tangible reminder of the places we’ve been to and the experiences we’ve had.  They encapsulate memories, emotions, and cultural encounters, allowing us to reminisce about our adventures long after they’ve ended.  Whether it’s a small trinket, a piece of local artwork, or a traditional garment, souvenirs provide a connection to the destinations we’ve explored and the people that we’ve met.  They become conversation starters, prompting stories, and sharing experiences with friends and family. 

Moreover, souvenirs often represent the essence of a place, carrying with them its unique identity, history, and customs.  They serve as keepsakes, transporting us back to cherished moments and inspiring a sense of wanderlust for future traveling.  Souvenirs are not just material possessions; they are symbols of our journeys and the personal enrichment that comes with them.  Take a bit of Belize home with you. Here are a few of my favorite souvenirs by local artisans in Placencia.

Shan’s Forever Jewelry- Jippi Jappa Earings

Jippi Jappa basketry, a traditional craft practiced by the indigenous communities in Southern Belize, exemplifies the intricate artistry and cultural significance of Mayan basket weaving techniques.  Made from the leaves of the jippi jappa palm, these baskets showcase the mastery of weaving passed down through generations.  The craft holds a deep cultural and spiritual significance within the Maya communities as it is a reflection of their connection to the land and their ancestors. 

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Through basketry and traditional woven crafts, artisans are preserving their heritage while showcasing their beauty and intricacy to the world.  A gorgeous alternative to the traditional jippi jappa baskets is the eye-catching earrings made from the same material and utilizing the same techniques to create a wearable form of art.  Find a variety of designs at Shan’s Forever Jewelry and Souvenirs on the famous Placencia Sidewalk.

Sierra Brothers Paintings

Talent runs in the Sierra family.  Brothers, Omar and Grayson are popular Placencia painters who each have a gallery in the village.  Stop into G. Sierra Art Gallery & Apparel on the Tipsy Strip portion of the sidewalk and Omar’s Creole Restaurant & Gallery on the main road.  Their upbringing along the sandy shores of the peninsula as well as their love for nature and Belize’s history inspire their artwork.

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 Seascapes, palm trees, and sunsets are favorite subjects for their paintings. Grayson has become particularly acclaimed for his works featuring marine life.  An avid sports fisherman, Grayson’s most dynamic paintings often capture the energy and excitement of a fighting fish on the end of a line.  In addition to their stunning canvas paintings, the brothers offer their artwork on hand-painted hats, bags, and bottle openers. 

Kaj Expressions

The handmade wire and gemstone jewelry at Kaj Expressions range from intriguingly intricate to striking in their simplicity.  Each piece is meticulously crafted by hand, allowing for unique designs and personal touches that set them apart from mass-produced jewelry. 

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The acclaimed Lionfish Collection line uses ethically sourced lionfish tails (an invasive species to Belizean waters). They are treated to ensure durability and longevity to create one-of-a-kind, eye-catching pieces that are as beautiful as they are unique.  Kaj is always happy to customize orders and create your perfect piece.  These adornments are celebrated for their authenticity and individuality, making them a cherished treasure for those who wear them.

Featured Photo by Grayson Sierra (@artisticsoul23)

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