A Tropical Thanksgiving on Ambergris Caye

by Dion Vansen

November is fast approaching and with it bringing one of the most celebratory and special times of the year- Thanksgiving! This is the time evoking sites of family gatherings, turkeys, pies to once again live memorable times with your closed ones. Although in Belize the occasion may be isolated mainly with the expat community, the monumental celebration is well cherished in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. Different hotels and restaurants observe the event and accommodate those choosing to travel to the island for such an intimate festivity. Here is what you can expect from a tropical Thanksgiving. 

Thanksgiving  in Belize

Image Courtesy Victoria House

During this time of the year, the country begins to approach what is known as the dry season with perfect weather for outdoor activities. While you wait for the evening feast associated with Thanksgiving you can head out to the beach, lounge, and sip on a drink, or go out on a tour. Another option, after booking that special dinner at the restaurant at your hotel or somewhere of your choice in town, is taking advantage of the amazing weather and explore the barrier reef.  

Among the hotels along the beach, whether it is Victoria House, Grand Caribe or Sunbreeze Hotel and SunBreeze Suites, to name a few, these lodgings can assist in booking your snorkeling or diving tour. If you feel more adventurous, hop on a fishing or fly-fishing tour. There are plenty of tour operators offering excursions in town. If you are staying at Sunbreeze Hotel, Ambergris Divers can take care of you and help you enjoy the day with one of their tours or even accommodate a special request. Depending on your schedule, you can even spread these activities to cover your days on the island during the special holiday.  

Thanksgiving dinner with a view 

Dining beachfront at SunBreeze Hotel  at Blue Water Grill in San Pedro.


Enjoying your Thanksgiving dinner with the view of the Caribbean Sea from a restaurant like Blue Water Grill will add to this year’s event a memorable occasion. Enjoy good food, share the appreciation for all the blessings this year with everyone around the table and toss for better in the days, months, and years to come. In Belize, you can even customize that special feast with some seafood with the freshest fish and crustaceans of your choice island style. 

With the pandemic a thing of the past and being able to travel with your loved ones, Ambergris Caye will once again be the place to give thanks for another marvelous year. The above-mentioned beach resorts are family friendly with spacious and comfortable accommodations available. 

Feature Image: SunBreeze Hotel

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