Coral Caye: The Belize Holiday Hideaway to Exceed All Your Travel Expectations

by Larry Waight

You don’t have to be a fan of Walt Disney enterprises to understand the role he has played in the development of projects designed to entertain people of all ages. While there’s been back and forth about what may be the most famous line attributed to Disney–“If you can dream it, you can do it”—-the phrase has inspired generations of people to strive for their dreams. If you’re one of them—and if you find as much pleasure in travel as you do at movies and theme parks—renting a private island isn’t likely to give you much pause. After all, if you can dream it, you can do it!

Another Entertainment Great Is Your Key to This Private Island Escape 

Francis Ford Coppola and Walt Disney have a lot in common. They’re both dreamers and believers in the important role the arts play in the well-being of people throughout the world.


Among Coppola’s many holdings are Caribbean resorts, one of which offers travelers a private island stay for anyone who wishes to enjoy this rare experience. Spending time on Coral Caye, a lush private island, has been known to fire up romance. It offers couples the luxury of not being responsible for anything other than each other’s pleasure, and it’s the place you dream about when intimacy and privacy are your top priorities.


Located 8 miles off Belize’s mainland, return guests say that this tropical island is as close to Eden as it gets. Just imagine yourself on a small private beach surrounded by an abundance of tropical trees, flowers, bushes, and greenery. The former fishing camp was morphed into a luxe hideaway where discreet staffers specialize in pampering guests invited to enjoy the romantic, restorative, or adventurous escape of a lifetime. 

The Belize Holiday Hideaway You’ve Been Searching For

As the only guests on Coral Caye, you’ll delight in making the island your personal love nest while leaving the work of meal prep, household chores, and other services in the hands of your island caretakers.


Customize your stay to suit your budget, interests, and desires, and treat yourself to extra touches—-like massages, services of a private chef, guided fishing tours, and even the trappings of a special celebration, like champagne, cake and other indulgences. Thanks to Coral Caye’s all-inclusive package, everything about your sojourn is bundled into one price, so you won’t return home from your escape to find credit card bills in your mailbox.

Coral Caye Isn’t Just for Lovers, Though

Barefoot on arrival, Coral Caye is a petite 3-acre isle just 25-minutes from Placencia.

Because this is a private island, Coral Caye has both the room and the expertise to host family events, housing from two to ten guests within two dwellings There’s room for everyone within the beautiful Coral Cottage and Seahorse Cottage, each of which is decorated to pay homage to the ocean and the sky.

Every one of the perks afforded couples comes with this type of group booking, so incentivizing members of your party by letting them each know that they won’t have to lift a finger during their stay is likely to get buy-in. Plus, split the cost of your vacation if everyone is amenable.

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The more you learn about this sanctuary, the more you’ll realize that a 2024 holiday on this island is a must. 

Whether you invoke Walt Disney as you make arrangements or find another reason to admire Francis Ford Coppola, don’t be surprised if the phrase “If you can dream it, you can do it” resonates loudly within your head because you will have lived it!

Featured: Enjoy dining al fresco on Coral Caye. Photo by Aaron Colussi

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