The Best Apps To Download When Traveling to Belize

by Gisselle Hernandez
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Travelers are always looking for ways to make vacations more convenient, especially when most of their focus is on actually enjoying the trip. Planning an itinerary is one thing, but navigating around an entirely foreign country could definitely come with its own set of unease. Technology has come to the rescue time and again for wanderlusters, so it’s no surprise mobile apps assist in more ways than we can imagine when traveling. For Belize, there are quite a few that can make the experience much easier and more enjoyable. Here are the best apps to have on your phone when traveling to Belize. 


“Brb, I just need to hop on a work call quickly.” Image courtesy Umaya Village

The messaging app may be unfamiliar to many in our Northern neighboring countries but has always been a staple in Belize. Used both for work and personal, WhatsApp is the preferred way to communicate for many Belizeans and Belize businesses. Now, as most in the travel industry pivoted to full digital during 2020, WhatsApp is used more than ever as the premier contact source for hotels and restaurants. You can contact concierges and tour operators through the app and receive almost instantaneous responses regarding services, menus, opening hours, and other pertinent information. Not only is this convenient, but adds to the entire contactless concept brought on by the pandemic.

Google Maps.

First and foremost, if there’s only one app you must pick from this list, go with Google Maps. The consensus online seems to be Google Maps is more accurate than Apple Maps, so before your trip download the app. Belize may be small, but it’s still helpful to lay out your route before driving anywhere in the country, especially if it’s your first time. Belize may have many “backroads” but the maps are still pretty accurate for most destinations in Belize.

Tip: Download offline maps before you arrive just in case you lose connection or don’t have Internet when en route. 


sunbreeze hotel rainy season belize

A rainstorm blows in over SunBreeze Hotel in San Pedro.

A perk of only having two seasons — wet and dry — is that the weather rarely varies significantly. However, it doesn’t hurt to have the AccuWeather app in your back pocket when planning your tours and experiences. Between the months of June and November, the occasional shower may switch up your plans a bit so it’s good to prepare beforehand. Check it occasionally right before your arrival and throughout your stay to ensure if you need to move any tours around.

Tip: Leave room for flexibility when booking experiences during Belize’s rainy season. Say, indoor activity is readily switchable if there’s a storm out with an outdoor tour.   

Belize App.

One of the apps that could really come in handy is the Belize Tourism Board’s official app, Belize. This app showcases attractions, things to do, and even accommodations in Belize. You can even build your own itinerary while in the country, which can be super helpful when planning tours. The app also shows the latest blog articles so you can get a more in-depth feel of what to expect when taking a Belize vacation. 

Food delivery apps.


The modernization of food delivery did not exempt Belize, with food delivery apps being on the rise. One of the most popular and well-established apps –  and one of the only ones that operate countrywide – is Vistro. Founded by a Belizean, the Vistro app has a catalog of restaurants spanning four districts, making on-the-go food more accessible. Whenever you might be pressed for time or too tired to go out for dinner, you can order in with the Vistro app to make things easier. 


Kruffy Chicken’s line is available via BelizeON App.

Although not an instant delivery app option like Vistro, the BelizeON app gets an honorable mention for bringing local favorites right to your front door. It’s an online shop, with countrywide shipping, that hosts international products while helping local vendors reach opposite corners of Belize. From Kruffy Chicken’s Habanero Jerk marinade to Sorrel Cinnamon kombucha, BelizeON delivers big — and within as little as a few hours. 

Tip: If you’d like to know more about the apps available in Belize, feel free to search the App Store or Google Play Store for more information. Happy planning! 

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