These Belizean Candies and Desserts are a Must-Try!

by Giulissa Hernandez

As you explore the diverse culinary tapestry of Belize, don’t forget to satisfy your sweet tooth with the country’s tantalizing candies and desserts. Many are traditional favorites like fudge and bread pudding that veer off into quirky delights like Tablata and Tamarind Balls. Belize wholeheartedly offers a delightful range of sugary treasures that are not to be missed during your visit. Let’s embark on a gastronomical adventure through some of Belize’s must-try candies and desserts that are perfect to sample and even bring back as sweet souvenirs.

1. Belizean Fudge: A Saccharine Sweet Tradition

Start your culinary journey with Belizean fudge, a beloved confection known for its creamy texture and rich flavors. Made from condensed milk, sugar, and butter, it’s the perfect blend of sweet and indulgent. While the dessert itself doesn’t need many ingredients, the making of it takes a while as steady hands stir the condensed milk until it is thick and golden brown. Think of it as a textured version of caramel candies, though it breaks easily and doesn’t stick to your teeth as much! Many locals have their own versions and choose to infuse them with coconut, nuts, or flavors like vanilla and chocolate. You can buy these treats all over Belize, from big grocery chains to local makers. 

2. Bread Pudding: A Comforting Classic

belizean delicacy bread pudding

Bread Pudding. Photo by Amanda Lim via Unsplash

Bread pudding transcends cultures, and in Belize, it’s no exception. This comforting classic is given a tropical twist with the addition of raisins. Drizzled with a sweet rum or caramel sauce, Belizean bread pudding is a heartwarming dessert that captures the essence of the country’s flavors. Enjoy it alone or, like some of us Belizeans like to do, with evaporated milk drizzled on top. Don’t knock it till you try it! The combination of flavors satisfies your sweet tooth like no other. Buy it from any vendors and you’ll know what we’re talking about!

3. Tablata: An Unique Treat

Coconut tableta. Photo by @belizemytravels

For a taste of something truly one-of-a-kind, try Tablata. This traditional Belizean treat consists of molasses and grated coconut expertly mixed and then cooled into a solid, caramelized slab. Once it’s set, it’s broken into chunks and enjoyed as a delightful combination of sweet flavors, often reminiscent of brittle. As is usual with other Belizean desserts, many choose to add peanuts or other ingredients to make it even better. 

4. Cotobrute: Coconutty Goodness

Have you caught on to the trend yet? We Belizeans sure do love coconuts in our candies! While the ingredients of coconuts, spices, and sugar make it sound similar to tablata, it’s anything but. Made with chunks of soft coconut, these treats can be a guilty pleasure for many. The addictive candies are sold in big lumps, as they’re made by dropping them on foil and leaving them to harden over time. One or two are enough for one moment, but you’ll soon be craving it again! Make sure to take some for the road.

5. Tamarind Balls: Sweet & Sour Delicacies

Photo Credit: Belizean Recipes on Facebook

You might ask, “How can tamarind balls be a candy?” Well, let’s just say Belizeans find a way for everything! Made from the pulp of ripe tamarind fruit and sugar, they offer a delightful blend of sweet and tangy flavors. These are also called “Tambran sweet.” The tamarind pulp is hand-rolled into small balls and then dusted with caster sugar. These are perfect for those who enjoy a contrast of tastes in their sweets. Some opt to make them spicy and add a dash of cayenne pepper within but those for children are simply sweet. Sold at many places for just a shilling for one, you can buy a couple of dollars worth and have your treat for the day. 

Whether you’re a seasoned dessert enthusiast or simply looking to satisfy your sugar cravings, Belizean candies and desserts offer a delightful array of flavors and textures. Don’t miss the opportunity to savor these sweet delights during your visit! Consider taking some back home as delicious souvenirs to remind you of the flavors of Belize long after your journey ends.

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