Missing Ski Season? Trade Snowboards for SUP Boards in Belize

by Carolee Chanona
Ray Caye island paddle board

By the time the snows melt, more waters of the world will be available with safer travel—and that you can even check out if there are some skills transfer from say, snowboarding to SUP boarding. This season, COVID-19 continues to ravage on and no destination has been spared from its effects. However, a large handful of winter escapes have shuttered to winter sport enthusiasts to halt ski and snowboard season. Despite Covid protocol measures, alpine nations are following suit—though board travel doesn’t need to be scrapped entirely this season. Instead, discover the sport of stand-up paddle (SUP) boarding in a warm, wintery Caribbean destination like Belize.


Placencia Beach near Tipsy Tuna Sports Bar & Grill in Southern Belize. Photo courtesy of Itz’ana Resort

For those that enjoy an active escape, Belize has plenty of water sports for the thalassophile. Get out of your comfort zone and experience one of the fastest growing and popular water sports for adventure seekers. You may be thinking that Belize is prime for snorkeling and diving (and you’d be right). But, its turquoise shallows and calm saltwater flats make perfect for SUP. After all, there’s nothing like gliding through gin-clear waters while you gaze over the Belize Barrier Reef, with reef fish darting out under-foot.

SUP PADDLE mangrove hopkins

SUP Paddle Board the mangrove creeks and lagoons with SupHopkins.com. Photo by Carolee Chanona

However, SUP boarding isn’t limited to just the Caribbean Sea—try a SUP session in the mangrove creeks and lagoons of Hopkins Village with Sup Hopkins. Its an unparalleled experience, and I’m not just talking about its color scheme; which, might I add, is a stark contrast of waxy, lime-green mangrove leaves and nutrient-rich, tannin-tinged depths against bluish peaks of the Maya Mountains.

Header photo of SUP boarding at Ray Caye Island Resort by Duarte Dellarole Photography.

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