How Vista Real Estate Can Offer The Largest Selection of Properties For Sale in Belize

by Larry Waight

Many people dream of owning property in the tropics but assume it is not something they could actually do. The truth of it is, this may be easier than you think. Consider searching for property in beautiful Belize with Vista Real Estate for the largest selection of options available.

Why Purchase Property In Belize?

San Pedro, Ambergris Caye offshore Belize. Image by Duarte Dellarole

The first feature that draws people to Belize is the abundant natural beauty of this Central American country. Located on the Caribbean Sea between Mexico and Guatemala, Belize has miles of shoreline along the ocean and breathtaking jungle landscapes.

But beautiful scenery can only go so far. Another reason people often think to relocate to Belize is the very low cost of living, along with low taxes. The country has a small population of only about 400,000 and no huge cities, which gives it an attractive rustic, back-country feel that sets it apart from other areas in the region.

Belize is also popular because English is the country’s official language, which makes living, working, or investing in the country far easier than in countries where there is a language barrier for native English speakers. This goes even further for real estate buyers, who will find that Belize’s process for purchasing property is very similar to what Americans, Canadians, and Europeans are used to.

Image by @mapsandfootprints

Belize’s tourism industry has also grown substantially in recent years, which makes it a great market to purchase vacation rental properties. With this in addition to the generous tax breaks offered by the government to foreign investors, Belize is an ideal market for investors to consider.

Finding A Real Estate Partner

The Placencia Residences. Image by Vista Real Estate

Having a professional real estate agent in your corner when purchasing a property is always advised, and is even more important when buying property internationally.

Ultimately, you should partner with Vista Real Estate if you are looking to purchase property in Belize. Vista Real Estate is a full-service local real estate agency, offering a full spectrum of real estate services to meet your needs. With years of experience in the country and access to the widest selection of properties for sale, Vista is one of the leading agencies in Belize. They offer some of the largest scopes in the country while still providing unparalleled personalized service.

Funk Caye, Belize is on the market with Vista Real Estate.

Vista Real Estate is ready to help buyers find the type of property they are looking for. They offer agents specializing in nearly every property type, including land, residential properties, commercial developments, and even private islands. Their commitment to gathering and analyzing data, as well as keeping up with the latest real estate trends, allows them to offer sound investment advice.

Extra Services Vista Real Estate Offers

Two of Vista Real Estate’s standout features are its offering of both property management and relocation services in addition to regular property sales.

An aerial of Chial Reserve. Image by Vista Real Estate

For investors, property management services are often necessary to handle the regular daily needs of the property. Property managers take care of maintenance, collecting rent, and seeing to the needs of tenants so you do not have to. Professional property management will make your property more appealing to renters so you can get the most out of your investment.

Property management services can be a good idea for private residences too. This is especially true in a country like Belize where many people are looking to purchase a vacation home that they do not plan to reside in permanently. With property management services, you can rest assured that your home will be taken care of while you are gone and ready for your arrival whenever you come to visit. It is extraordinarily convenient to be able to purchase a property and enlist property management services through the same company.

Chial Reserve’s bedroom. Image by Vista Real Estate

Relocation services are also incredibly useful if you are planning an international move into Belize. Vista Real Estate provides professional, personalized relocation services to offer maximum value to customers. This includes support as you navigate through customs and immigration as well as logistical assistance with moving. You want to get started off on the right foot in your new home.

Baldy Beacon. Image by Vista Real Estate

Whether you are a retiree, an investor, or just someone who wants their own little piece of paradise, you can work with Vista Real Estate to find the perfect property for you in Belize.

Header image shows Chial Reserve in Cayo. All images courtesy Vista Real Estate.

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