Where to Stay in San Ignacio Belize in 2024

by Larry Waight

Hoping to satisfy your passion for travel this New Year? Check off all your travel resolutions by committing to a travel schedule in 2024 that takes you to two types of destinations: places you’ve always wanted to visit and places you loved so much, you’ve been longing to return. If either of these describes your wish list, you’ll want to make visiting the town of San Ignacio, Belize a 2024 priority.

The iconic wooden bridge in San Ignacio Town. Photo by the Belize Tourism Board

This small western town is beautiful and offers access to attractions that range from gastronomic delights to hubs for adventure. Here, the ideal place to encamp is The San Ignacio Resort Hotel. It sits perched on a lush hill that overlooks the Macal River and the town itself. The preferred stay for literal royalty, this Cayo resort is full of extraordinary experiences.

Where Grandeur Meets the Jungle

 Lovingly referred to as “the only jungle in town,” San Ignacio Resort Hotel is more than just your typical resort. It’s an elegant, 17-acre property that oozes grandeur thanks to its architecture and design. A spacious lobby, replete with marble floors and an impressive staircase crafted of mahogany, sets the stage for a warm and gracious stay.


Those seeking a sense of privacy and seclusion are especially enamored of the lush, surrounding jungle landscape that has given the resort its beloved nickname. Plus, with only 27 beautiful accommodations on site, you’ll enjoy an exclusive stay that feels crowd-free. 


Beyond the elegance, San Ignacio Resort Hotel is also home to San Ignacio Town’s #1 attraction. The Green Iguana Conservation Project showcases the rearing of this endangered species from egg to juvenile stage. It’s one of many unique ecological and cultural activities that are available to intrepid travelers right on-site. 

Authentic Experiences Await in San Ignacio, Belize in 2024

carolee copal cleanse San Ignacio resort trail

Copal cleansing at San Ignacio Resort Hotel. Photo by Caribbean Culture + Lifestyle.

Immerse yourself in the rich culture of Belize with onsite tours and amenities that are as authentic as they are surprisingly diverse. Enjoy a “breakfast with the birds” experience, and go birdwatching without having to leave the hotel grounds. Join a tea-tasting tour and combine it with a spiritual copal cleanse – believed to be able to help vanquish negative energy. Or, try your hand at meal prep via a fun Maya cooking lesson.



As the sun sets, head for the resort’s swimming pool for a refreshing swim. Then, at night, embark on a Critters of the Night Tour to catch sight of the wildlife that hides when the sun is out. 

In town, seek out some of the country’s best cafes and eateries. Or, venture beyond town limits for thrilling Maya site exploration and lazy days by the river. Whether you choose to do it all or do nothing at all on your trip to Belize this year, make 2024 the year you make your travels extraordinary. 

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All photos courtesy of San Ignacio Resort Hotel unless captioned otherwise. 

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