Why You Should Consider A Weekday Getaway in Belize

by Gisselle Hernandez
couple on beach pink sunset Brisa Oceano resort belize

With Belize being such a small country – roughly the size of Massachusetts – short weekend trips are easy to plan. A holiday rolling into the weekend may be a prime time to book that island getaway or a city break for a three-day holiday. The catch? Everyone will be thinking of doing the exact same thing. So why not break from the status quo and vacation during the week instead? Here are three tips to help convince you why a weekday vacation is a good idea. 


placencia beach belize

Placencia peninsula. Photo via Instagram @verbalgoldblog


Perhaps one of the best perks of traveling during the weekday is hotels offering specials and deals for staying during the week. Muy’Ono Resorts has such an offer; they call it the Midweek Beach Escape or Midweek Jungle Escape and you get 20% if you stay Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. The resort collective comprises a number of stellar award-winning resorts, so this is a perfect time to experience luxury at a good discount. With hotels such as Hopkins Bay, Sweet Songs Lodge, the Placencia Resort, and more, it’s one deal you can’t pass up. 

Lower airfare.

If you look at the data, many airfares drop significantly depending on what day you’re browsing. According to AirfareWatchdog.com, the cheapest days to fly are Tuesdays and Wednesdays, which line up perfectly with Muy’Ono’s special weekday discount. Keep an eye on these days when looking to book a flight to sunny Belize, or sign up for airfare drop alerts sent directly to your inbox.  

Fewer crowds.

The thing with weekender trips is that everyone will be vacationing during that time. If you forget to book rooms far in advance, you just might wind up not being able to get any when the long weekend comes. You won’t have places or attractions for yourself since they’ll be busier during the weekend or the traffic to hotspots will take longer. Take advantage of Xunantunich being virtually deserted on a Wednesday, or you being one of the only guests at Shark Ray Alley. This will take your Instagram game up a notch since your selfies will look even more incredible with only you and the Mayan ruin.

couple xunantunich san ignacio resort hotel cayo

Explore the Xunantunich as a newlywed couple. Photo courtesy San Ignacio Resort Hotel

In this same vein, tours and attractions are experienced on a more in-depth level. With fewer people in your tour groups, the more one-on-one time with the tour guide you have. Ask all the burning questions about a particular historical fact that you wouldn’t otherwise if you were sharing the guide with nine other people. By taking a weekday vacation, you can relish the fact you experienced Belize in a more off-the-beat, unique way like never before. 

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