Your 100-Guest Beach Destination Wedding Awaits In Hopkins, Belize

by Carolee Chanona

A hundred guests in front of a setting sun, barefoot on the beach, blissed out in Belize. Frankly, there might not be anything remotely better when picturing your beach destination wedding—the small nation with a population of only 400,000 is a non-stop two-hour flight from main flight hubs in the U.S. for one less obstacle on the way to your big day. After all, your destination should be a value-add, which Belize already covers: Southern Belize may be off the radar for many, but Hopkins Village in particular allures with culture, food, and vacation thrills. The nearly five-mile-long stretch of Hopkins’ fine coastline shines against friendly smiles, an easy pace, and a romantic allure. And resorts that provide excellent wedding packages can make everything so much easier, especially when you’re planning far from home. 

From on-site event coordinators who understand the nuance of a couple’s vision to authentic local food and beverage services—and sumptuous villa accommodations—the sprawling Hopkins Bay does it all and more. 

Why Plan Your Destination Wedding With A Muy’Ono Resort 

It’s important to work with a venue, vendors, and planners that have a deep knowledge of your chosen destination, especially when it comes to group travel of up to 100 (wedding) guests in another country. “Since the wedding experience of a destination event relies heavily on the venue and/or accommodations, hotel partners impact almost every aspect of a celebration,” one expert says. “Great service and hotels that truly care about the guest experience will change the entire event from day one of planning to your actual wedding day. Working with hotel partners that have great team members is key to perfectly executing destination events.”

A hotel buyout of Hopkins Bay’s18 three-bedroom beach houses, two restaurants, and two pools is easy, plus it guarantees a completely custom package for up to 100 guests. Their destination wedding package includes a Bamboo Arbor draped with white sheer draperies, a wedding aisle decorated with greenery and conch shells, an on-site wedding coordinator, a tropical floral bouquet, matching boutonniere, and the legal stuff, like all applicable taxes and ceremony officiate. With this much experience under Muy’Ono’s belt, it’s no surprise that they have their very own planning arm for Belize weddings

Perhaps the couple desires all their guests to be in the same hotel and to make that hotel more appealing than others they can elect to pay a portion or all of the costs of the hotel, which Hopkins Bay offers also. While keeping costs low for guests, the price of spending your ‘I Do’s’ together is simply invaluable.

All images via Muy’Ono Resorts.

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