12 items seasoned Belize travelers have in their bag

by Gisselle Hernandez

When it comes to packing lists, Belize has one of the simplest ones around. Since it’s situated in the Caribbean with only two seasons, there’s no outerwear taking up space in your luggage. This allows more space for swimsuits, flip-flops, and all the other essentials needed for a tropical vacation. If it’s your first time traveling to Belize, the basic packing list is enough to enjoy the trip without any major missing components. But what about the repeat traveler? There are those Belize aficionados who have been enough times to Cayo or Caye Caulker that they now know exactly what would enhance their trip. Whether it was something they learned the hard way or a tip from a local, these items are always in their Belize bag.

Image Courtesy: Muy’Ono Resorts

  • Extra swimwear. It’s likely no one will need to remind you to pack swimwear for a tropical vacation, but be sure to pack at least two or three. There are so many beautiful beach destinations in Belize, you never know if you’ll want to spend every single day sun tanning and taking a dip. Pack more than one swimsuit, just in case, so you don’t have to be waiting for your one-and-only to dry.
  • Light Cardigan. Alternatively, because you’re heading on a tropical vacation, you may think shorts and tanks are all you need. Travelers who visited during the high season found themselves sorely regretting not packing a light cardigan or long-sleeved shirt. It’s true the climate in Belize is warm for the most part, but some nights in December – especially in the mountains – the temperature can dip below 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Pack a warm but breathable sweater so you aren’t caught off guard.
  • Bug spray. If there’s one review each traveler to Belize can agree to is that bug spray is essential. Belize is in the tropics, so it’s no surprise crawly critters will share space with you in the jungles and rainforests. They can be a little annoying at their worst, so make sure you are slathered up in natural insect repellent before you go adventuring in the dense jungles.
  • Reef-Safe sunscreen. The essential packing list may suggest you bring hats and a rashguard, but you should also definitely pack in some sunscreen. Because of the humidity, many may do the mistake of skipping out on sunscreen because they don’t feel like the sun is that hot. Traveler, it is. Packing a reef-safe sunscreen not only ensures the longevity of marine life if you’re going snorkeling but the longevity of your lovely skin, too!
  • Hot sauce. It was about time you had a mini hot sauce bottle of your own, too! If you’re grabbing something quick at a food stand, it’s a good thing you’re armed with a small bottle of Marie Sharp’s in your pocket. This is a common practice for many Belizeans, so don’t feel shy if you want that extra kick on your salbute or garnachas.
  • Reusable water bottle. Being in a warm destination you’ll be thirsty a lot. Instead of buying so many water bottles (which you will definitely be tempted to), bring along an eco-friendly version. Besides, you can refill your misting fan to cool you off after walking through an island.
  • Underwater camera. Many travelers regret leaving their Go-Pros at home after they realize the missed opportunity it was for snorkeling. Charge up your underwater camera and take as many shots of that Loggerhead turtle as possible.
  • Waterproof items. In that same vein, it’s best to bring all things waterproof, especially if your itinerary consists of some island/swimming time. That means a waterproof bag to secure all your belongings, a waterproof speaker so you can have fun and a waterproof phone case.
  • Medication. This might be one of those items seasoned travelers had to learn the necessity of the hard way. It’s always best to buy meds before you need meds. Get some basic over-the-counter medicine like painkillers, stomach medicine, and something for seasickness.
  • Hand sanitizer. Even before the pandemic, many travelers found it quite handy to keep hand sanitizers in their pockets. Now, it’s even more critical to make sure your health and hygiene are taken care of.
  • Noise-canceling headphones or earplugs. Many of us make sure to pack our headphones or earphones when traveling, but we suggest you take it up a notch by getting noise-canceling ones. As someone who traveled extensively via public transportation, I can say noise-canceling earphones can be a life-saver. For those travelers who also opt to take the buses as a way to explore different regions in Belize, this can be a good option. As it is with most public transportation, there are many sounds and noises that might be unpleasant if you’re trying to get some sleep or just tune stuff out. Pack in some earplugs or great earphones and you won’t even notice the bus is playing your least favorite genre of music.
  • Long charging cords. At this point in time, phone chargers have become an extension of ourselves. But time and again travelers have cursed the ceilings of hotel rooms when they realized their charger is one foot shy from reaching their bed. Order some six-foot-long charging cables and you won’t have that problem, regardless of where the outlet in the hotel room is.

These items are just an addition to the essential packing guide for Belize. Once you’ve got all these – and your important travel documents in your backpack – you’re fully prepared for a tropical vacation.


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