3 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Property In Belize For Retirement 

by Larry Waight
Palm tree's & villas

You’ve read about the nation. Perhaps friends have told you about their fabulous vacation trips or you’re just curious because Belize keeps popping up on your radar every time the subject of retirement arises. But like all practical thinkers, you don’t take everything at face value, so unless someone gives you good reason to look into Belize retirement property, you’re not going to bite. That’s about to change once you consider these 3 reasons why your search for the ideal retirement home can end with Belize.

Reason #1: Winter Blues Are Imminent

YogaClasses beach Las Terrazas san Pedro resort

Yoga on the beach, anyone? Photo courtesy Las Terrazas.

You’re sick and tired of shoveling snow year after year, being perpetually late because your car won’t start. Retirement is supposed to be a time of relaxation, fun and, for today’s senior, exploration. And for some reasons, the four seasons (some more harsh than others) won’t let you. Instead, you deserve year-round warmth, tropical breezes, an absence of crowds and a nation eager to help you retire on a modest income. Not to mention, by giving you tax perks you won’t find elsewhere, you can even take advantage of your new home being the world’s leading Central American offshore banking hub.

Reason #2: Congestions & Crowds are Cancelled 

You’re starting the second chapter in your life and by finding a place where English is the first language, you can do what you want to do, including navigating the country on new adventures because traffic jams, congestion and crowds are nowhere to be found in Belize. Further, Belize real estate is not only affordable, but diverse. Want a condo on the beach? How about a villa off the beaten track? Given Belize’s low property tax rates, low crime rates in popular areas and low cost of living, buying retirement property in Belize is truly a no brainer.

Reason #3: You Want A Perpetual Holiday

mambo breakfast San Pedro beach matachica

Breakfast with a view at Mambo, Matachica Resort. Photo courtesy Celia Spenard Ko

A fantastic, full, relaxing lifestyle awaits you in Belize. Swim every day. Kiss your car goodbye and buy a bike. You’ll be in good company since the number of ex-pats moving to Belize has grown exponentially. That means finding others with similar experiences transition to Belize. Here, you’re on a perpetual holiday and on your own clock. So are they. Currency fluctuations are minimal and even the food you eat is more nutritious because it’s freshly harvested. Sound too good to be true? That is reason enough to come for a visit so you can see all of this for yourself.

 What Retiring in Belize Could Be

placencia beach couple colorful tipsy

Placencia is a top choice for retirees. Photo courtesy Kevin Quischan Photography

Across the country, retirement communities are scattered. The newest ones are built to modern-day standards so retirees find infrastructure and modern conveniences they enjoyed back home amid lush tropical settings that make each new day a joy to behold. In sum, Belize is a nation eager to welcome new residents, some of whom won’t need reasons to retire here beyond gaining daily access to the ocean, Belize Barrier Reef, tropical jungles, rainforests and cultural heritage sites. Here’s the best news of all: All of this natural splendor, bounty and beauty comes free with every mortgage! 

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