Last Minute Belizean Gift Ideas for Christmas

by Caribbean Lifestyle Editorial Team

Christmas is next week! And if you’re like us, you’ve probably been busy and now have some last-minute shopping to do.  No worries, were here with the scoop! We’ve put together a short list of four things that will be sure to bring your loved ones and you into the new year with fashion, taste, and style. Check out our last-minute Christmas list for everyone in your family and friends group. 

FiKruffy Krismus Sweaters

First on this list are the awesome apparel found from Belizean-owned company FiKruffy.  Have you ever seen anything more amazing than this Coat of Arms and Rumpopo sweater from FiKruffy

Seaweed TLC with Ikooma


Everyone enjoys a little R&R now and again.  With the following self-care products, your friends and family will be thanking you for your thoughtfulness with these gifts. Ikooma Hair Products is the perfect gift for curly hair and all-natural-savvy in your life! You’re friends and family will thank you for keeping their curls fresh and popping.  The secret in the product is seaweed from the village of Placencia.   

Truly Turmeric Body Scrub

Another awesome gift to give that special someone is a self-care package from Truly Turmeric Belize.  This coffee scrub is bound to clear up any blemish on your body. This will surely have you stepping into the new year with soft, smooth skin!   

Good Belizean Reads

For the active reader in your life, these Belizean books are guaranteed to grab their attention.  Pengering by Ivory Kelly is a groundbreaking novel.  This collection of short stories is written in both English and Kriol.   Quick note, Pengering is Kriol terms for upheaval or loud disturbance. Beka Lamb by Zee Edgell is the beloved debut novel of this Belizean authorThe book is a literature requirement for high schoolers in Belize.  It tells the tale of Beka and her friend Toycie in a pre-independent Belize.  Pataki Full: Seven Belizean Short Stories by Sir Colville Young is the last in our reader’s book.  These short stories are filled with satire and wit as it tells tales of Belizean reality. 


Now it’s time for a little something for the kid in your family. From spooky folklore to a heartfelt story about the origin of the Garinagu, these books will brighten any young child’s smile. 

  • We Are Free by Ingrid and Ibo Cayetano. Illustrations by Mali Cayetano 
  • Characters and Caricatures in Belizean Folklore: The first Belizean book that discusses the Folklore Book of Belize 

All books can be found at the Image Factory, local bookstores, or Brodies Supermarket. You can also order these books from Amazon. Happy Shopping!  

By Ilona Smiling 
Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on December 21, 2019, and updated on December 14, 2021, with recent product photos.

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