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by McNab Editorial Team
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Belize is a small country in Central America, well known for its vast jungle and pristine wildlife. This jungle covers most of the mainland and is home to various species of wildlife, birds, and many flowers/medicinal plants. There are many things for you to see and discover in this tropical wonderland; which means we have a variety of tours for you to choose from.  

Zip Lining 

Glide through the jungle on one of Belize’s most famous areas to zip line. Whether it is at Jaguar Paw, Mayflower National Park, or at Ian Anderson’s Caves Branch; each offers a range of zip lines that goes higher than the other. This gives you an amazing aerial view of the rainforest and waterfalls.  

zip lining

Photo by Leonardo Melendez

Jungle Horseback Riding 

Horseback ride through jungle trails and look for colorful birds such as the scarlet macaw, keel-billed toucan, motmot and much more. You might even find a few howler monkeys staring at you from a distant tree.  

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Medicinal Trails 

Tour trails of medicinal plants and herbs an be found in parts of the Cayo district; here you get to see what the Mayas and older Belizeans used for many of their pains and illnesses (fever, chickenpox, stomach aches). 

Black Hole Drop 

This tour was made for the adventure traveler! It starts with a two-hour hike up the Maya Mountains, where you will be overlooking the amazing, emerald-green rainforest canopy. You will then rappel down a 300 feet “black hole” at Actun Loch Tunich or “The Monster of All Caves”.  

Jungle Safari after Dark 

Trek through the jungle at night to see the many nocturnal animals and creatures such as spider monkeys, tapirs, deer, kinkajou, wild boar, armadillo, tarantulas, spiders, snakes and much more.  

Jungle ATV Tours 

If you’re not a fan of hiking the jungle, then an ATV tour is right up your alley. A very thrilling tour that is perfect for adventurers and families alike.  


Photo by Leonardo Melendez

Cave Tubing 

This involves cruising down the waterways in a tube, through large caves with glistening limestone and small waterfalls. As well you may even find ancient Maya artifacts; this is a breathtaking experience, and when you’re finally out of the cave you’ll see the beautiful scenery of the jungle on both sides of the deep azure blue water.  

cave tubing

The jungles of Belize are rich with wildlife, tropical plants and birds, and an array of bright colors. This type of scenery is most appreciated when you experience it for yourself; so, when planning your trip to Belize don’t forget to come explore our jungles.  

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Written by Reyann Garcia

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