4 Things in Belize You Probably Haven’t Done Yet 

by Gisselle Hernandez

For being such a small country, Belize sure can fill out an itinerary pretty quickly. Millions of visitors have made their way to Belize, whether via land, air, or sea. Top 10 lists of things to do dominate the web, and forums are teeming with recommendations travelers are wowed by repeatedly. This means many are aware of Belize’s cerulean sea and lush rainforests, but there are a few hidden experiences that only the seasoned traveler has stumbled upon on their alternative Belize bucket list. While not at the top of must-do excursions in Belize, these unique off-the-beaten-path activities will have you rethinking basic itineraries

Travellers Rum Factory Tour.

Conveniently located on the northside of Belize City is the Travellers Liquors Rum Museum & Heritage Center. The exhibit lays out the entire history behind the founder’s most famous legacy, One Barrel Rum. Their website mentions guests are able to get an inside look at the bottling process, product sampling, Belizean cocktail-making tips, and opportunities to sample and purchase vintage edition rum. The best part for vintage rum connoisseurs? The short tour also includes some rum samples at the end! 

Copal Cleansing at San Ignacio Resort Hotel. 

The Cayo District is rife with unique cultural experiences that are not known to the masses. From ceramic classes to tortilla making, this only scratches the surface of what the locals offer curious travelers. One of these experiences is the ceremonial cleansing ceremony of the Maya, using the resin of the copal tree. Offered right in town at San Ignacio Resort Hotel, travelers who have the privilege to partake in such a new experience share they end up feeling lighter and cleansed of negative energy. Encircling the smoke around you, the ancient Mayan ritual is said to ward of any ill-intentions or even self-sabotage. 

Cheese-making tour.

A truly underrated experience at Ian Anderson’s Caves Branch Lodge is the cheese-making tour offered on-site. Guests are taken through the entire process of how to make different cheeses from scratch. A few dedicated and knowledgeable staff at the lodge have become experts in the art of cheesemaking after being thoroughly trained by Mr. Anderson himself. Lasting about an hour, the experience shuttles you to the small station on-site where the magic happens. Here, you learn of the precise measurements needed to make the perfect cheese and the storage area where they rest before being sold to the general public. 

Sauce Making Tour.

Lissette's secret sauce via San Pedro Scoop

It’s no secret: locals love Lisette’s. Image courtesy SanPedroScoop.com

Similarly, there is also a tour where you get to learn how Gallon Jug Estate creates its delicious sauces and jams sold everywhere. About 2.5 hours from Belize City, the Gallon Jug Estate is famous for its spicy sauces and sweet jams ranging from all sorts of fruits native to Belize. (A personal favorite is the sweet-ish, tongue-ravishing Mango Tango.) The process to create the perfect blend every time is a long and thorough one, which makes you appreciate the tasty sauces even more.

Header image shows the imported whiskey barrels where Traveller’s Rum is aged within.

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