4 Things To Know Before Booking A Stay at Ka’ana Resort in Belize

by Gisselle Hernandez

Arguably one of the most special and appreciated perks of staying in Belize is that boutique resorts are the majority. While the small Caribbean country may have welcomed its first grand hotel chain back in 2021, there is still a lot of love for smaller, locally-founded hotels. Ka’ana Resort, a small but mighty resort in San Ignacio, has earned its cult following with its charm and upscale accommodations. Below you’ll find what you essentially need to know before reserving a stay at Ka’ana Resort. 

The Vibe: Laid-back Luxury

If you prefer to lock in your vacation accommodations based on the property’s vibe, wonder no more. Upon arriving at Ka’ana you immediately notice the lack of hustle and bustle since its situated on the outskirts of town. Quiet and serene, the property transports you to a tranquil ambiance, not unlike Bali. Shrouded in nature and greenery, you’ll feel at ease almost instantaneously. The most friendly staff will welcome you into the stylish lobby before you’re led to your room. On the way, you may get a quick tour of the on-site garden or the yoga area near the refreshing resort pool. 

Things to do: Cultural Immersion

© Ka’ana Resort

Being so close to the cultural Mecca that is San Ignacio Town, it’s only natural that Ka’ana Resort will offer guests the best cultural immersion experiences. Its on-site tortilla-making classes offer a deeper insight into the lives of the ancient Maya while rewarding guests with delicious food. For something a little more adventurous, travelers can explore the nearby Xunantunich Maya site, one of the most stunning in the country. Here, you’ll gain first-hand knowledge of the towering structures the Maya mindbogglingly built and what they got up back in the day (read: a thousand years ago.) 

For: Nature-lovers with a foodie palette 

While Ka’ana Resort specifically caters to all types of travelers, nature-lovers with an epicurean streak will feel at home here. The jungle-clad atmosphere does not leave you no matter where on the property you pick to relax. You almost forget you’re near a bustling town since the entire resort is shrouded in a verdant kingdom. But when it comes to food, Ka’ana offers more than the exquisite Maya cooking class. 

Maya cooking class culinary ka'ana

Enjoy the Maya Cooking Class at Ka’ana Resort. © Quilz Tamay Photography

The resort’s La Ceiba restaurant is the playground of a prominent chef who is not afraid to experiment with ingredients. Featuring both local and international cuisine, La Ceiba is also aesthetically pleasing with its farmhouse, open-concept design. Guests can also source their own ingredients earlier in the day from Ka’ana’s on-site garden, making the dining experience even more connected and intimate.  

In the evenings, grab a drink at the casual cocktail bar, The Wallace, where mixologists whip up inventive cocktails with artisanal twists. You can choose to chat with other patrons while sharing tapas or sip fireside in the courtyard. 

The Rooms: Private and artistic 

When it comes to the rooms, Ka’ana spares no artistic talent. The luxurious suites integrate the surrounding natural beauty of the forest. Still, you’ll find modern amenities in every room and even an outdoor standing tub if you stay in the Casita suite. The real stunner is undoubtedly the two-bedroom private villa which has its own private pool and a colossal 2,500 square feet of luxury living space. Often featured in magazines both local and international, this villa is richly designed for friends and family traveling together. It’s also enclosed in a private area, making the space secluded and intimate. 

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