5 Underrated Belize Attractions

by Khaila Gentle
Photography by quilz tamay_billy barq.

Belize is full of things to do and places to see. In fact, there’s so much to be admired in this small country that some attractions may occasionally fall under the radar. That’s exactly why we’ve curated this fun list of five underrated Belize attractions that you should visit.

1.Billy Barquedier National Park

Known as the gem of the emerald valley, Billy Barquedier National Park (BBNP) boasts over 1,600 acres of lush tropical forest. Situated on the Hummingbird Highway, the scenic drive enroute to this Belizean attraction is a prelude of the natural beauty that awaits you inside. Winding hiking trails, a stunning waterfall, and a spectacular view at the park’s highest points are just some of what makes it a must-see Belize attraction.

2.The Butterfly Farm at Chaa Creek

butterfly exhibit at Chaa Creek

Photo courtesy Chaa Creek

There are a number of butterfly farms in Belize, but the experience to be had at the Blue Morpho Butterfly Farm at Chaa Creek is a marvellous one. Observe every stage of the Blue Morpho’s life cycle, and admire the gorgeously iridescent wings of the adult butterfly. The farm is open daily from 8 am to 5 pm, with the last guided tour being offered at 4pm.

3.Cerros Maya Site


Cerros – Maya Site © Duarte Dellarole

This northern Belize attraction is located right beside the sea. In fact, it’s the only Maya site in Belize that directly faces the Caribbean sea. That’s right. There’s nowhere else in Belize where you can enjoy the cerulean sea and intricate Mayan architecture at the same time. Enjoy the stunning view while you allow yourself a brief glimpse into the history of the Maya people.

4.Sarteneja Village

Sarteneja, Belize. Photo by Tom Hines

One of the most beautiful rural villages in Belize, Sarteneja is a small fishing village with some of the best swimming spots. It’s also known for having some of the most picturesque sunrises and sunsets in the country.

5.The Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary

jabiru stork belize crooked tree

The Jabiru Stork is Crooked Tree’s most famed resident. Photo by Francis Canto Jr.

Nestled in the Belize River Valley lies a wetland that is teeming with wildlife.  It’s home to some 300 species of birds, including its most famed resident, the Jabiru Stork. In the heart of the sanctuary is Crooked Tree Village, known for its cashew wine and rich culture. The village is accessible by a dirt road flanked on both sides by lagoon water, which makes for quite the memorable photo op.

Make your visit to Belize a unique one by visiting any of these underrated hidden gems.

Featured Photo courtesy Quilz Tamay

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