An All-inclusive Jungle Haven in Belize That’s Like Stepping Into Eden

by Larry Waight
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Everyone has a unique vacation style. That’s why finding a destination that everyone can agree upon can be difficult, if not seemingly impossible. Although in this day of age of Covid-19, couples, families and groups are longing for a tropical escapes. But, where to find everything you crave at a Caribbean location three hours or less from the U.S.? An all-inclusive jungle adventure in Belize, like at Copal Tree Lodge. Thereafter, you can expect kudos from your travel companions for finding this close-to-home gem. Sojourning within a jungle haven at Copal Tree Lodge is one of the most soothing, serene experiences you and your travel mates could find in Belize. Besides, scientists agree that being surrounded by natural beauty lowers blood pressure, elevates moods and triggers a sense of serenity. Thus, being totally immersed in this atmosphere offers you a bounty of mental and physical benefits awaiting in Belize.

Why Copal Tree Lodge?

Aside from being lush, quiet and tranquil, this jungle haven of Belize beauty and biodiversity allows you to vacation in the way that best suits your senses. You can make it an adventure by focusing on birding, fly-fishing, canoeing, kayaking, snorkeling, diving, horseback riding, hiking and zip lining. After all, all of these activities are available exclusively to resort guests.  

A farm-to-table experience while on Copal Tree Lodge’s chocolate tour.

If you’re more interested in feeding your mind than being perpetually on-the-go, Copal Tree Lodge will delight your imagination and spirit. It’s okay –  you’ve had enough excitement this year. Set in the hills overlooking southern Belize’s Caribbean coast, guests have access to activities that include farm tours, sunset cruises, Maya sites and local villages. Meanwhile, take a class in mixology and chocolate making during the day; or, simply spend time enjoying services at the resort’s spa where pampering is elevated to an art.

An Environmental Wonder

Photo Courtesy: Copal Tree Lodge

Copal Tree Lodge offers guests the best in activities, hospitality and variety. However, the resort’s biodiversity could be the factor that intrigues you most about this jungle hideaway. Roam the organic farm, 12,000 acre nature reserve and experience gourmet meals crafted of just-picked produce, fresh-caught seafood and the resort’s signature Copalli rum that’s distilled right onsite. But perhaps the most breathtaking experience of them all is an opportunity to relax in beautifully decorated and appointed accommodations. Nonetheless, the epitome of which are four signature canopy suites, while breathtaking views, splendid furnishings and spa bathrooms fill amenities that travelers expect only at the world’s finest hotels.

Feeling Skeptical about this Jungle Haven in Belize?

It happens when travelers learn about this remarkable Lodge, especially when they discover the resort’s all-inclusive packages. Here, tailor your vacation for your interests and budget so everything you want is taken care of before even arriving. However over just the past few years, Copal Tree has grown from a lush epicenter of pioneering sustainable food production and agro tourism to an award-winning, world-class resort destination that welcomes discerning travelers from around the globe. See what awaits you by taking this virtual tour, and you’ll be convinced, too.

Copal Tree Lodge is everything you desire in a Belize jungle haven but thought couldn’t possibly exist. Yet, resort staff offers you one more reason to consider a visit as soon as you can get away. Book now and get a 5th night free if you travel by January 3, 2021. The Belize international airport is now open, so when can we expect to see you in paradise? 

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