Belikin Stores around Belize 

by Reyann Garcia
belikin store belize beer

Belikin – the beer of Belize, and one of the most exceptional beers you can ever find. Don’t believe me? Ask anyone that has visited Belize and tried a Belikin, I’m sure they’ll agree. You can find Belikin beers or stout at any restaurant, bar, or store countrywide. But not only do they make these refreshing drinks, but they also produce a number of products that you can use or take with you as a souvenir from your trip. You’ll find this range of products at the original ‘Belikin Stores’ around the country. 

Where does the name “Belikin” come from? 

The name “Belikin” originates back to the ancient Maya Classical Period and it means “road to the east”. Another meaning could also be that it was referring to the eastward expansion of the Mayas toward Belize. It was said that they used the name “Belikin” for “Belize” and thus it connects with our Belizean heritage.  

About Belikin Beer  

Belkin is a European Pale Lager style beer and has an alcohol percentage of 4.8%. On May 28th, 1969, Eric W. M. Bowen and his son Barry M. Bowen founded Belize Brewing Company Ltd. (manufactures Belikin). This year Belize Brewing will be celebrating 51 years of providing thousands of jobs to Belizeans countrywide and providing ice-cold beverages for locals and tourists alike.   

Belikin Stores 

Belikin stores can be found in the Philip Goldson Int’l Airport. If you’re a little thirsty when you land then you can pick up a refreshingly cold Belikin beer or stout at the store. The other store is located in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye across from Tropic Air’s terminal so you can stop by and look through all their various products or just get a cold beer to kick start your trip. 

belikin store belize beer
The Belikin Store inside Belize's International Airport.
belikin store

Belikin Products 

Inside of the Belikin stores, you can find a number of different ‘Belikin’ labeled items. You’ll find souvenirs such as: 

  • Hats (various colors 
  • Dominos  
  • The famous Belikin calendars  
  • Bottle caps 
  • Openers 
  • Glasses 
  • T-shirt 
  • Mugs 
  • Beer sleeves 
  • Sunglasses chain 
  • Eco-friendly bags and much more! 

Let’s not forget the most important ones of all: Belikin beer and Belikin stout! At different times of the year, they offer seasonal flavors like the Verano beer, sorrel stout, chocolate stout, and black & tan. Pick up a ‘Belikin’ labeled item and keep it as a souvenir for yourself or share them with your friends – you can also buy a couple of beers and take it for your friends to try! Onli Eena Belize” can you find these Belikin products. 

Written by Reyann Garcia

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