Belize and Cuba come together to fight Covid-19

by McNab Editorial Team

Both Belize and Cuba are being challenged by the threat of COVID-19. As a result, doctors and nurses have been asked to serve patients and communities who depend on them. Cuba has sent 60 doctors to Belize of varying ages who will be giving support to the Ministry of Health and the country during this stressful period of time. The delegation of doctors arrived in Belize safely on March 25th.

Business Community in Belize Sends Donation in Solidarity with Cuba

In return, Belize has done its best to reciprocate efforts as best as possible in sending supplies to Cuba. On March 25th, members of the business community in Belize donated more than BZ$8,000.00 worth of supplies at short notice to assist Cuba with its efforts to prevent the spread of the COVID-19.

The donated items included: soap powder, bar soap, bath towels, sheets, cleaners, disinfectants, and garbage bags. The supplies will be sent to Cuba with the support of  TAG Airlines.

Belize and Cuba are celebrating 25 years of diplomatic relations.


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