10 Things You Will Need in Belize


Packing can be a hassle and stress when traveling. Make your life easier with this list provided, and make sure you have everything you need to spend your vacations in Belize.

Your destination plays an important role in the outcome of your experience. Imagine forgetting your travel documents or sunscreen at a crucial period. This list will help guide you on what you truly need to bring to fully enjoy exploring Belize.

 10 Things You Will Need to Pack

  1. The most important item to pack is, of course, your travel documents and form of identification. This would entail a passport as well as social security or driver’s license. 
  2. Wallet or credit card
  3. Travel Insurance: Incase anything arises to protect you against theft, accident or medical emergency. Can purchase travel insurance with  World Nomads.   
  4. Make sure to pack durable and comfortable walking shoes. This is not dependent on your mode of transport because walking will still be a big part of getting around in Belize.
  5. Reef-Safe Sunscreen: Belize’s weather is sub-tropical with temperatures ranging from 50°F to 95°F. The coolest part of the year is December to March and the hottest is May to September. Overall Belize is typically hot and humid with blazing heat from the sun. It is best to stay protected and protect our delicate ecosystems. 
  6. Insect Repellant: This is an extremely important item if you plan on hiking through forests or jungles, cave tubing, horseback riding and touring bioluminescence at night on the river. It is wise to prevent it than to regret it. Lower your chances of getting bites and also contracting anything such as dengue from mosquitos. 
  7. Swimsuit/Rashguard: An essential for water activities on the islands, snorkeling, scuba diving and swimming in waterfalls and rivers. 
  8. Phone or camera with waterproof case: If in case of any emergency there is a form of contact. With technology so advanced, the phone is a do it all power tool with information at your fingertips… Of course, your camera is necessary to document and capture every moment and adventure. Make sure both have a waterproof case. There is no guarantee it won’t end up dropping in the water while doing an activity. 
  9. Pack a rain jacket with a hoodie or lightweight jacket: Rainy seasons run from May to November but there always runs the chance of a tropical rain shower.
  10. Lightweight backpack:  To carry around important documents and essentials without being a burden in weight. 

Written by Jiyoung Chehade

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