Belize’s Annual Chocolate Festival 2020 

by Reyann Garcia
cacao - chocolate festival 2020

Are you a chocolate lover? Yes? Well, this is the perfect event for you to experience! Come and indulge your taste buds in a magnitude of rich chocolate flavors at this year’s Chocolate (Cacao) Festival. This is a family-friendly event that we know you and your family and friends will enjoy immensely. Experience the indigenous cultures of Belize and learn about the processes used to make these amazing chocolate dishes.  

About the Chocolate Festival 

This year’s festival will be held on May 23rd and May 24th in the beautiful town of Punta Gorda. For the past thirteen years, this event has been consistently well-attended and has become a popular favorite over the years – making it one of the best festivals in Belize.  

What is Cacao? 

Cacao is the main ingredient, used in making chocolate, and you can find some of the best cacao in Southern Belize where the soil is rich and the yield abundant. The Mayas are the principal producers of these cacao beans and sell them to those who make chocolate. Cacao is important to the indigenous people as it was considered the elixir of life by ancient Mayas; it has been said that their king drank at least 50 cups of chocolate a day.  

cacao - chocolate festival 2020cacao

Why is the Chocolate Festival held? 

The festival is held mainly to showcase Belizean products. Everything is handmade in Belize by our locals, so this gives many a chance to show other Belizeans and tourists their amazing products. Cacao itself is high in antioxidants and other important minerals, so not only are these products organic and good to eat, some of them can be used to enhance your skin.  

What happens on the festival days? 

The first day of the festival is held on a Saturday in Punta Gorda Town. Here you will find many stalls and exhibits; being that the town is so small you’ll be able to walk short distances to get around to each display. The PG phase of the festival is filled with music, cultural drumming, food, partying, and even dance classes! 

The second day is when everyone packs up their stalls and moves to Lubaantun, which is a small Maya Ruin in Toledo. At this phase of the festival, you’ll find even more stalls selling Belizean chocolates, chocolate desserts, chocolate stout, chocolate-infused cocktails and much more. Attending this event is a great way to learn about the Maya culture and experience the amazing foods in Belize.  

belize chocolate festival

Written by Reyann Garcia

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